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DialIdol - Free Dialer Software and Discussion Board

American Idol - The Official Site

VoteForTheWorst - An Anti-American Idol Site, Promoting The Worst Contestants

Ken Levine's Blog - Ken does American Idol recaps

American Idol Forum - A fledgling discussion site, with other potentially useful stuff

BuddyTV - This site has coverage of American Idol

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Anonymous said...

I think America has been taken in by judges and show producers whom for several weeks now have heavily favored the 2 finalist. It has been so obvious as the judges heaped accolade after accolade on La'Porsha and Trent. I turned off Wednesday nights airing in silent protest. The entire judging panel should be ashamed. FOX owes America an explanation for why they decided to prop up these 2 finalist when it is obvious their talents are not up to what Dalton brings to the stage. Listen, FOX had/has the ratings, has the $$$$$$$ in commercial success, why end a 15 year run with a black cloud hanging over the show.

Bring back Simon! At least Simon told the truth.