If American Idol Was A Radio Programme

If American Idol was a radio programme, what impact would it have on our perception of who is the best or even the worst? In other words, would it affect who we choose as our favourite or least favourite?

My theory is that it would make a significant difference. As the show is now, people tend to get distracted by looks, and moves on stage. This can actually work both ways. Silly girls might fawn over a guy because he has long hair and pay less attention to the quality of singing. On the other hand, some might dislike a contestant just because of the look, whether it is cockiness, haughtiness or ugliness, regardless of voice calibre.

So for example, for this season, Sanjaya would have been out long ago, for sure!
What about Blake? Well I don't think he would have been out yet, but would he be so popular?

What about previous seasons - who would have been impacted the most, for better or worse?

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