Index --Best Suited To Sing

As is often indicated by the judges, song choice is important. One person also made this point in the free-for-all theory posting section. The contestants often fail to pick the right songs. Now, do you think you could do better?

In this section, various songs will be selected from time to time. Your job is to identify which American Idol Contestant is best suited to sing each one.

This page will serve as the index to all song pages. The menu on the right will list only the most recent or active additions. Use the comments feature to suggest songs that you'd like to be included here.

The Loneliness, by Babyface
Dirty Diana, by Michael Jackson
Like A Prayer, by Madonna
Scaroborough Fair, Simon & Garfunkel
Physical, by Olivia Newton John
If You're Not The One, by Daniel Bedingfield


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