Order In Which Contestants Perform

Does the order in which the contestants perform affect the outcome of the votes?

My theory is that it does, with the one performing first being at a disadvantage. The reason I say this, is that it is easier to forget the first performance since you'd have to sit through all the others, making it less fresh in your mind. (Naturally the more performers, the worse it is for the first, according to this theory). Also, some people might tune in to the show just a little late when the first performer has just finished.

Ok, the only evidence I can think of offhand is Rudy (the first guy voted off in the top 25) and Brandon (first one to leave the top 12). Now I don't think Rudy should have gone that round. Brandon however, probably really deserved to. So not much data yet to back this theory. But we'll see how it goes. Keep in mind though that as the contestants become fewer, the effect of going first will diminish.

The word on the streets is that Haley is going first tonight (Mar 20, 2007). If this is true, then it could mean the producers are now taking action to knock her out the show. Well this brings up the question, just how do they determine what order the contestants perform in? In any case, we must work harder tonight to keep the lovely Haley in the game.


Geoff said...

Hello, I have three comments.

1. People remember the first and last things they see/hear/feel/etc. So, going first is not that bad of a disadvantage, but going second (in a long group) is.

2. Why don't you collect the data from the previous Idol seasons and see what, if any, pattern arises?

3. The order of the performers on Idol is done by random draw.

idoltheory said...

Hello Geoff.

You made a valid point. I will have to think on it. Yes, it might be interesting to see if there has been a pattern based on shows gone by.

Thanks for addressing my question of how the order for the contestants get determined.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, everyone who has performed 1st in the top 3 show has went home. I don't know about the other shows but it seems to be a curse for the top 3 show.