Recap Top 10 Results Show

The much anticipated American Idol top 10 results show opened with Ryan informing us that two questions will be answered tonight. Who is going home? And, How will Sanjaya wear his hair? Seems Sanjaya has succeeded in taking people's attention off his vocal skills, to his more captivating hairstyles.

Naturally, a commercial break is at the top of the schedule. When
Ryan returns though, he thrills the audience with a piece of something on his head to mimic the freak look of Sanjaya on the previous night.

Once the audience has subsided, a video clip of the top 10 is shown, where they sing I Fought The Law. Fairly entertaining, it was. But of course, we just want to see who is going home.

So he quickly gets to the calling out. At this point I started to take note of the seating arrangement, just in case my theory on this kicked in, which it did. (refer to Results Show Seating Arrangement Theory)

The rumours circulating before the show had Chris Sligh, Haley and Jordin in the bottom 3. So it was quite fitting that they had Chris Sligh on one end, and Haley just before the other end of the row.

First up is Blake. Safe as most would expect. Lakisha is next, but no point really, as she could not possibly be in the bottom 3 at this stage. Then comes Phil. Phil gave a decent performance the previous night, that earned the judges respect. Now just before the results show I posted some thoughts (here) where I predicted Phil would be in the bottom 3. My explanation is found in the bottom 2/3 theory page so I won't repeat myself here. Therefore, when Ryan told Phil to step down to the centre stage, I was not at all surprised.

The Lovely Haley was next to be placed in the danger zone. This is not surprising even without the benefit of leaked information. For although Haley displayed fine vocals, the performance itself was not memorable, as Simon rightly pointed out.

Ryan gets to the last two contestants, Gina and Chris Sligh, but then delays naming the third of the "bottom 3", until after the break, and after a performance by the pretty and sexy Gwen Stefani, though at this stage, it should be quite obvious that Sligh is the one to stand in the spotlight.

Gwen seems to be more of a performer than a vocalist. Her singing isn't bad, but certainly nothing to get excited over. At least, the song she performed gave no indication of any magnificent vocal talents. Well, as she said, she should be taking advice from Lakisha.

So standing together centre stage we have Phil, Haley (not Stacy, as Ryan mistakenly said before the break) and Chris S. At this point Ryan does the usual bit of sending one person back to sit, and this person is Phil.

Just Lovely Haley and Chris S standing. Ryan asks the judges who they think will be leaving. As could be expected, only Simon actually says plainly what he thinks, and gets it right too.

Ultimately it is Chris S identified as the one leaving this round. No surprise according to Dialidol's prediction, and also in line with the pre-show rumour.

This time there was enough time to air the final performance of the departing contestant. Hmm...I kinda liked Chris' performance better on this try than on the prior night.

We'll miss you Chris. I still maintain that of the guys, Chris S has the best vocals. Congrats Haley!

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