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This show was shorter than the prior two, running just 1hr 7 minutes, as opposed to 2hrs. Overall, I must say it was a fairly subdued night, and pretty close to boring. Certainly compared to last week, it was nothing. This seems to be a sort of a trend with this Season of American Idol. One show is very entertaining, and then the following one is just dull.

Anyway, on to the recap! So this week the guest mentor was Gwen Stefani. They showed her explaining what she thinks the contestants should do to improve or to perform well, except that this was clearly after she had worked with them, and not while. Now it is not clear whether she did give those same comments to the contestants themselves. In the prior week, when they had Lulu, it was clearly seen that she was giving very useful advice to the contestants. Well, we'll give Gwen the benefit of the doubt, and assume she did at least tell the contestants just what we heard her say.

The first to perform was Lakisha. Lakisha sang a Donna Summer song, which I didn't really like. I also did not like the boots she was wearing. However, her voice was really good, and I guess that's the important thing. Randy liked the boots, and so did Simon. Sad. Simon agreed with me that it was a "great vocal".

Up next was Chris Sligh --Sligh clearly has the best voice of the males. However, his display tonight was unfortunate. It was quite boring, if you ask me, and there was just something wrong with it. The judges (Randy and Paula), thought that he wasn't in step with the rhythm and beat. They might actually be on to something. Simon thought it was a mess, and also might have been on to something when he said the song didn't suit him. Well whatever the problem, Chris did not shine tonight, and quite frankly, is in serious danger of leaving the competition this round.

The lucky Gina. I say lucky because she has put out some really horrible vocals in prior shows and managed to survive thus far. It looks as if she took the judges comments to heart last week, and decided to concentrate on her vocals this round. For she sounded much better this week. I wasn't impressed with the song itself though. The judges liked her performance. Randy thought it was one of her best, and Simon thought it was her best so far. I am inclined to agree. I'm still not a fan of hers though.

Sanjaya - Good grief! Just when you think he can't get any worse with his hairstyles, he comes out with what looks like some kind of bird's nest on his head. His vocals didn't help to shift the focus from off the spectacle appearing on his head. However, there were parts that were actually decent, which gave a glimmer of hope that somewhere inside that kid lies a great performance. Is that just wishful thinking? Perhaps. The poor fellow has suffered a lot of abuse and one just wishes he could sing better! Randy was speechless, and Simon said it didn't matter what they said anymore. So true!

The Lovely Haley - Oh Haley. A disappointing performance. I wasn't thrilled at all. However, she still displayed some great vocals. It was probably a wrong song choice for her though. She needs to start showing off what she's got (and I'm referring to the voice here) more prominently. Simon was right that what she did tonight tends to be forgettable. Her fans need to work harder to keep her in now, as I don't think she will garner new supporters for this performance. I must re-emphasise though, that she still demonstrated some great vocals.

Phil -Phil got good reviews from the judges this time, and I can't fault them for that. His performance was actually pretty good, and he clearly made a good song choice. However, we all know how bad Phil can sound, so we need to see more consistency before we can start feeling good about him progressing to further rounds.

(Phil tucking in his ears)

--Not my favourite song, and actually her style doesn't quite appeal to me. However, her vocals were excellent, even as Simon said. Number 1 for the night, in my book.

Blake -This guy Blake once again comes with a safe song that does not require much voice range. He has a nice tone in that short range that he sticks to, but because he doesn't venture out, he tends to be a yawner. Paula commented that she liked him because he takes risks. LOL! The recaps of the performances at the end of the show did not do him any favours. If that was all I heard from him, I would have concluded that he was horrible. He wasn't though. But make no mistake about it, it was not a great performance by far.

Jordin - Decent. Pretty decent. Entertaining even. The judges think she is the most improved. I don't really see that. I thought she was always great.

Chris Richardson --Once again Chris R fails to demonstrate any vocal prowess. I thought it was awful actually. Paula sounded stupid when giving her comments ("it was gooood"). It wasn't just what she said, but the way she said it. Simon was quite right when he highlighted the fact that Chris really needs to work on his vocals.

So there you have the top 10. My assessment is that Melinda, Lakisha and Jordin were the top 3. And for the bottom 3, I would have Sanjaya, Chris S and Chris R. However, that is not to say that I predict they will be in the bottom 3. America generally does not get it right.


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Anonymous said...

You mean America does not always agree with your opinion.

idoltheory said...

"You mean America does not always agree with your opinion"

Not the same thing? :)