Recap Top 11 Results Show

The results show for the top 11 was just half hour, and so everything went pretty fast. As usual, there was a lot of filler before getting to the main point -who is going home?

Probably the first main item of interest was a live performance by Peter Noone. I found it somewhat boring, and kept wondering, how would the judges rate him?

A little later, there was a feature video of the group singing Another Saturday Night. The part that really got my attention was when they showed Melinda doing some acrobatics. At least they made it seem like it was her. But the pic to the right doesn't bear much resemblance. So it is unlikely this is one of her less known talents.

Also of interest (to some anyway) was the appearance of Brad Garrett, more popularly known as Raymond's brother, in Everybody Loves Raymond. Sitting with the top 11, he awaits the results, but not for long, as Ryan promptly tells him he is out, and sends him away.

We are then treated to a performance by Lulu herself. After I watched Diana Ross the previous week, I must say I was apprehensive. When it was announced that she would be singing To Sir With Love I started to look forward to it. But I was quickly disappointed when I heard the rendition. I really think Lulu messed that up. She should have stuck to the original. She murdered a perfectly good song.

For how this song should have been done, click here

As to her vocal quality at her age, well, like Diana Ross it seemed to have diminished somewhat. I guess that is to be expected.

Finally we get to the point! Time to identify the bottom 3.
It wasn't long before the results show that I posted my theory on the seating arrangement. So I was paying close to attention to this. Now the rumour circulating all day before the show, was that the bottom 3 were Gina, Haley and Stephanie, with Steph predicted to go home.

So when I observed that Gina and Haley were sitting at the ends, and Steph sitting next to Sanjaya at the end, I figured that the rumour was correct. I expected Ryan to leave Steph and Sanjaya for last.

Well Ryan did something I wasn't expecting at this stage at all. He decides to do groups of 3s. So first he tells Phil, Melinda, Blake to stand. He then gives the summary of each, and tells them they are all safe. Well if one knew he was going to give a group decision, then it would have been so obvious they were all safe, simply from the fact that Melinda was among them.

Next he calls out Chris S, Lakisha, Jordin. At this point it is no surprise that he says they are safe since Lakisha is among them. The contestants appeared really relieved all the same when Ryan gave them the good news.

Sanjaya, Haley, Gina - I don't know if people were really expecting Ryan to say they were in the bottom 3. That would not be likely, since there are still 2 other contestants that he has said nothing about yet. The tricky thing though, is that we are expecting to see a bottom 3.

But Ryan threw us off and only identified the bottom 2, who supposedly are Chris R and Stephanie. I say supposedly because of the suspicion cast over these results. See here
(Why weren't the bottom 3 shown this time? Another conspiracy theory is begging to be born)

Anyway, Ryan tells Chris R he is staying. Unfortunately for Stephanie, it matters not that she is the more talented of the two.

There you have it. Just 10 left now. Btw, this means Sanjaya is scheduled to tour with the group later this year. LOL!

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