Recap Top 11

Ok Folks,

The top 11 have now performed. I think this must be the best episode since the public has gotten the chance to vote, for Season 6. There were some really good performances, and some entertaining parts. This is how I saw it:

1. The Lovely Haley went first. She clearly has a great voice. Yes, she is sweet looking, nice personality, dresses somewhat seductively, but it is the voice I'm focusing on here. Lovely. Just lovely.

2. Up next was Stephanie. I must confess that I'm not a fan of hers. However, I really did like her performance tonight. It was nice listening to her. The judges however gave her a pretty hard time. Paula even started with the looking good bit. Ugh!

3. Chris R. Chris gave a half decent performance. I've just never been impressed with this guy, and I'm still not impressed. Part of the problem is as he said at the start, that before he has just been jumping around, but now wants to let people know he can sing. Well I think he needs to try harder still. The judges thought he was hot though.

4. Blake. This guy has the nerve to come out wearing what looks like his pijamas bottom (see pic below). I must admit that he was not bad at all this show. I thought he did a pretty safe song, one that did not require much range in the vocals. I have a problem finding the motivation to put my support behind him.

After the judges gave their feedback, Ryan decides to try some weird moves. (see pic on right)

5. Lakisha! This girl is clearly a fine singer. The song she chose seemed to have been a bit staid for her, but she still showed that she is without doubt one of the best in the competition.

6. Phil. Hmm...Ok, it was one of his better performances. But Simon thinks he will be in the bottom 3. That might be true. Phil is really not so great. Losing him will not be a great loss. But again, I thought he did fine this time.

7. The young Miss Jordin. She made a comment about Lulu being "so cute". I thought that was kinda gay (not that I think she is gay). Anyway, she gave an excellent vocal. Really impressive!

8. Sanjaya. Well well well. Certainly a change this week (I don't mean the hair).
I guess I would have to judge his performance this week to be better than prior ones. However, I'm still not detecting the vocals to warrant a position in the top 12, or even the top 24, much less the top 10! Randy and Paula liked the change. Simon thought Ashley's look said it all (see pic). LOL!

9. Gina. Oh dear. Once again, Gina shows how weak her vocals can be. She did it once before and managed to survive. Will she come through again? Randy and Paula didn't think she was bad. Simon thought she was horrible. She did say she feels good about how she did. Hopefully America will show her why she shouldn't be feeling so good.

10. Chris Sligh. He was easily the best male vocalist of the night. This guy is talented and hopefully will outlast all the other guys.

11. Melinda. Once again consistent and true to expectations. In other words, a fantastic display of vocal skills. The song might not have appealed to many people, but objectively speaking, she really sang it well. Good Job.

So there you have it folks. Now, who will be the bottom 3?

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