Results Show Seating Arrangement

I'm not sure how much of a theory this is, as maybe the mechanics of this process has been made public before and I simply didn't hear. But based on observation, I would postulate that the seating arrangement in the results show of the contestants is not random. I believe those who know the results beforehand, ensure that the contestants sit in a particular order.

When I first watched American Idol, which was the second season, I used to wonder, what happens if Ryan identifies the bottom 3 before going through all the contestants? If that happened then he wouldn't get the chance to give the summary for each participant of their previous night's performance and the judges responses.

As I continued to watch though, I notice that never happened.

Therefore, it would appear that they try to ensure that one of the bottom three is either at the end of the row, or in the seat just before that. Now the theory breaks down as more contestants leave the show. For at a certain point, Ryan gets creative and instead of going in order for each row, he might split them up into groups.

So then, this should mean that if Ryan goes row by row, then one of the bottom 3 will be at the end of a row, or just before it. However, if Ryan all of a sudden skips some in a row to go toward the end of it, then it would indicate that one of the bottom 3 is either the person he skipped who would have been the logical continuation in the sequence, or the person who is just next to him/her.

So for example, if in a row we had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Ryan said 1 is safe, and then skips over to 6 and starts to proceed to 5, then we should be able to safely conclude that either 2 or 3 is in the bottom 3.

Well Top 11 results show will soon be up. We can try making a prediction based on this theory. I'll post a comment after the show.


idoltheory said...

Oh boy. Just when I post this, Ryan does something completely different.

Anyway, to my credit, I did qualify that the theory only takes effect if Ryan decides to go row by row.

But this show is an example that the seating arrangement can be totally random.

Maybe my theory only has use for past seasons, specially season 2.

Anonymous said...

i AM SO TIRED OF Sanjaya. He is a terrible singer and you are allowing the talent to leave while allowing this non singer to stay. I undertand there is a group called vote for the worst singer working and they seem to be doing a great job. You don't mind because it is advertising for your show. I am going to give you one more week to wake up and get rid of him.

idoltheory said...

Dear Anonymous,

Please note that this site is not affiliated with FOX or the official American Idol site.

I feel your pain, but there is nothing I can do about Sanjaya.