The Importance of Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has been said to be highest paid star in the history of the Fox network. Some reports have it that he is being paid $36 million or more by Fox. So clearly his importance to the show is acknowledged.

The question here is, just how critical is he to the show? Could American Idol survive without him? Simon once made a comment to the effect that if Sanjaya wins, he would quit the show. We know that's just hyperbole though, as he is bound by contract for some years to come. At least, it would not be so easy for him to quit.

Cowell has become a trademark to the show. He's the judge that most viewers want to hear, and that most contestants want to get a good review from. Witness Haley Scarnato's comments pertaining to the judges feedback in the top 9 performance show.

Cowell clearly brings great entertainment value with his candor, no-nonsense approach and total disregard for political correctness and hurt feelings in his feedback to idol contestants, and even sometimes in his interaction with his fellow judges. He often says things that the viewers are naturally thinking, though there are times when it looks like he is just trying to be difficult. He is at times quite outrageous, but that usually only adds humour to the show.

What would the show be like without him? It should be obvious that the show would not be as captivating if there were two Randys and one Paula, or two Paulas and one Randy. The Simon character has become a defining characteristic of the show.

With the aforementioned in mind then, it is difficult to see how the show could survive without Cowell. It probably would not be enough to replace him with someone who tries to be like him. That substitute would be seen as a phony, and would probably never measure up to the original.

But let us hear what you think? Could American Idol survive as such a popular show without Simon Cowell as a judge? What are your reasons?

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Anonymous said...


Couldn't they just get someone who is equally abnoxious as Simon? I mean, I am sure there are other producers and persons in the music industry that could fit the bill. Never the less, Simon does, from all appearances, seem to have the greatest impact on whether a person goes or stays. Because of his candor audiences really wait to hear the final word from him.

Lets face it Randy's vocabulary is limited to a couple things like: "that was okay dawg", "I don't know,.... it sounded a little ordinary" or "I not getting that .... dawg". Paula on the other hand seemed to have been a big Sanjaya fan .. need I say more.

IdolTheory, can you get more information on the judges like what their backgrounds are. I have heard stuff like Randy is one of Michael jackson's brothers. Now, I don't think Randy danced a day in his life but then I don't really know. Wonders never cease.

This blog is great. I look forward to answers to backgrounds of the judges and more American Idol Theory stuff.