Interchanging Paula and Randy

We've seen that the judges clearly do have an impact on the voting outcome (see What Impact Do The Judges Have On Voting?). The question here, is what would be the effect if we interchanged Paula and Randy? In other words, if Paula gave her comments first, followed by Randy, what difference would it make?

Obviously, Paula would no longer be able to parrot Randy's comments with an additional "you look gorgeous", or something along that line. I suspect we would start hearing a lot more difference in their feedback. This in turn could affect the voting if there appears to be less agreement among the judges. In any case, surely it would be an interesting experiment to execute such an interchange.

So what do you think -How different from Randy would Paula turn out to be? Would this change put her in a more favourable light, or would it make her look bad? What sort of impact would this rearrangement have on the way people vote?

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