Recap Top 6 Results Show, Idol Gives Back

So the results show that we've all been waiting for, the one that promised to have surprises and shockers, finally came to pass.

Several celebrities were featured at some point. Let me say from now, that there were too many for me to keep track of, so if you happen to be one of them who got left out from this recap, then please don't take it personally. The public appreciates the effort you made to help raise money for the poor in the various places highlighted.

Ryan began the show announcing that the most shocking result in Idol History will be revealed. Actually when the result was finally told, it really wasn't that shocking, but more on that later.

Over 70 million votes were cast. This is the highest ever in Idol history.

Ellen Degeneres was introduced somewhere near the beginning as a co-host but based at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. She tried to make a joke about her being the one to be kicked off since the result is supposed to be so shocking. To me it appeared as if she was fighting to make that "joke" fly.

Ok, so from Ellen's end comes the first performance by Earth Wind Fire.

More (ie. in addition to what they covered the night before) was shown on Randy's exploits in New Orleans, pertaining to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Money raised from this show will be used in part to aid some of these folks.

It became apparent that Sanjaya was in the audience, as the camera focused on him for a bit. Perhaps producers feel somewhat guilty for booting him the previous week?

(I leave it to you to decide which one is Sanjaya)

Group song was next. Lakisha sounded the best.

Ben Stiller got some attention after this in a humourous act to get people to call in. Supposedly he was trying to sing for the sake of raising funds. The public was urged by Seacrest and a text message across the screen to call in and donate enough so the guy would stop the "singing".

More details were given on the trip to Africa that Ryan and Simon took, particularly with respect to the story they aired the previous night about the 12 year old boy who has to take care of the household since his parents died. Other orphans were pointed out.

At this stage, Seacrest begins to reveal the results. Melinda, safe!

Paula was shown at the Boys and Girls Club. Yes, these children do need the help and attention being given to them. But when shown in such close proximity to the footage of the kids over in Africa, they seem quite wealthy.

A little later some guy gets up on stage and attempts to sing Kiss From A Rose. The guy is actually supposedly well known, but I didn't recognise him. Anyway, this whole scene was amusing. The judges gave their comments. Simon said he did better than Sanjaya. The cameras then captured Sanjaya's reaction as he was cracking up at this. The supposedly well known guy took Simon's comments as an insult to him.


Carrie Underwood was given some time as they aired a pre-recorded session of her with some of the kids they are helping. She sang in this clip, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked it.

Then came the Ford video. It was actually quite long, as it featured a long list of stars. At one point I wasn't sure if it was still the same Ford video, as it just seemed to have kept going on.

Phil -safe.

Another clip of Simon and Ryan in Africa: A sick woman named Ruth was shown having to endure her unhealthy environment. She was taken to the hospital, but died two days later.

Ellen said she is personally donating $100,000.

Josh Groban gave a live performance at the Disney place, singing You Raise Me Up, with a choir composed of some of the poor youth from the African regions they are trying to help. Josh is a great singer, and that song is very inspirational. It was also very moving to see these children involved, and getting a chance to experience a much better quality of life.

There was more coverage of the Africa trip, with a focus on dealing with malaria.

Live performance by Kelly Clarkson. Well it should be settled now, the girl can sing. Yet everytime I listen to her, I keep wondering if she is really so much better than other Idol stars who are still far behind in record sales.

A cute Simpsons scene was shown. In it, Simon was auditioning before a panel of judges consisting of Marge, Lisa and Homer. He sang, "Don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like me". Good scene.

Lakisha -safe.

Finally, the mystery duet is revealed: Celine Dion and Elvis Presley! This was a fantastic showing. This must get the prize for the entertainment segment of the night. But this just goes to show that you just can't trust anything you see on TV. Their singing was great too. I really enjoyed their duet.

Skipping the Madonna piece and some woman playing a piano while singing Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water, we are taken to the final result, what we've all been waiting for.

It is between Chris and Jordin. Remember Ryan said the result is shocking. Chris is safe! No doubt many were fooled and thought this meant the end of Jordin. However, Ryan then tells her that she is also safe. What? So who is going home? No one. Not this week anyway. Next week they will add the votes for each contestant for this round with the next, and the bottom two will be eliminated. Incidentally, in case you're wondering if the contestants knew about this beforehand, it should be clear they didn't, with the pic shown here of Jordin wiping away tears of relief.

I have a gripe with Seacrest's choice of words though. I don't think this is the most shocking result in Idol history. After all, they have had at least one round before where everyone was declared safe. Also, it was easy to surmise that this was what they were up to. This result was even suggested on discussion boards before the show even started.

By the way, it's becoming a little more apparent why they got rid of Sanjaya the previous round. But that will have to wait for another post.

The show closed with the top 6 doing another group thing. (see pic on right)

Below is a random pic of Paula's breasts threatening to grab some more attention.


Unknown said...

Geez. At least take 5 seconds to find out that it was JACK BLACK and the "some woman" was Annie Lennox.

Terrible recap when you can't even be bothered to get the names right.

Anonymous said...

You're right I couldn't be bothered. But now you've identified the nameless folks, so no one need be at a loss, right?

Well, I'm in a state betwixt two now, whether to update the post, or leave it. Updating would be nice. But if I update, then it might make your comment seem ridiculous, which might force me to delete it. So still undecided.