Recap Top 6

The much publicised Idol Gives Back performance show finally arrived. The intention is to raise lots of money to help the indigent of the world. News Corporation is donating 10c for each vote up to the first 50 million. That translates to $5 Million.

For some reason this show was pre-recorded.

The show essentially started with a most touching clip of the trip Simon and Ryan took to Africa. A 12 year old boy was featured, who has to take care of his household because his parents are dead. They showed children starving, and suffering in an area where malaria is the primary cause of death (at least that's what Seacrest intimated). Simon said it was "hell on earth".

Keeping with the focus of this special show, the song theme of the contestants was Inspirational.

First to perform was Chris Richardson. I was not impressed. But honestly, I don't know if I would ever be impressed with this fellow. I just have an aversion to his voice. But trying to be objective, I suppose he was OK. Randy thought Chris is now looking like he is in it to win it. Paula thought it was fantastic. Simon felt like the competition was just starting this round. (I wonder if that's because Sanjaya is no longer around?) He also said that he did really well.

After the break, there was a clip of places in the US that they will also be helping. (left to right: Randy in Louisiana with Hurricane Katrina victim, Kentucky kids in an area of high illiteracy)

Next contestant was Melinda Doolittle! It's almost boring to report on her now. She consistently does well, one can pretty much guess what her reviews will be like. Randy didn't quite know what to say, but he loved her performance. Paula thought it was magical. Simon said she made it sound original and that it was a "vocal masterclass".

Blake Lewis -- Oh boy. I don't think there was anything to be excited about here. Except maybe that little screech that proceeded from his throat when trying to demonstrate some sort of a falsetto. Randy said it was a great song choice, but was just alright for him. Paula thought it was his first real emotional piece, so she liked it. Simon didn't think it really went anywhere. On the positive side however, he did think he sang it with sincerity.

Lakisha Jones -- Lakisha decided to do another song by an American Idol winner. This time she chose Fantasia's I Believe. I think it was OK. Randy said it was a great song choice, but had some pitch problems, yet thought she still did good. Paula said a mouthful which Simon took to mean that she preferred Fantasia's version. Simon went on to say he has an issue with her shouting, which evoked a loud cry of boos from the audience. I have to agree that I preferred the Fantasia version.

Phil Tracey -- Phil is the new VoteForTheWorst pick. Did he do that degenerate group proud? I'm not sure. Phil was ok in my book (though still looking a bit odd. See pic). I think he needs some vocal training, and then he could probably do something great. Randy commented that it was a very nice vocal. Paula thought this was his best. Simon felt it was a good song choice, was decent overall, but advised him to try to utilise the country voice that he demonstrated the previous week.

Closing the show was the young Jordin Sparks. The beginning sounded a bit shaky or dubious to me. But then she started some shouting which didn't do much to win my favour. This I think is the worst I have ever heard from her. Please folks, don't bash me. I'm just giving my first impression. Quite possibly after listening to it again I will have a different outlook. Randy said it was one of the best vocals of any contestant out of all the Idol seasons. Paula told her she did a lovely job. Simon said it was fantastic.

So there you have it folks. The worst performances for the night were by Jordin, Blake and Lakisha. However, if they do show a bottom 3, it probably won't feature Jordin.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Jordin. I didn't think she did very well at all and it was weird that the judges gave her such great comments.
LaKisha was good.. I gotta agree with the audience. She doesn't deserve most of the rude comments that the judges have been giving her.
Blake didn't do very well..was safe and boring.
Chris didn't sing well until he stood up and got off that stool.
Melinda was great..but predictable.
Phil was ok..nothing to shout about.
So I pretty much agree with you on your comments.