Recap Top 7 Results Show

Well this results show proved to be quite entertaining, but ended on a sad note, for some, but no doubt has given a good many, cause to rejoice.

Ok, so the first significant event on the show was Simon setting the record straight and clearing himself. Recall that on the previous night he gave that roll of the eyes look when Chris expressed his sympathy for those at the Virginia school. Many accused Simon for being heartless, assuming he didn't give much regard to the situation. So Ryan gave Simon the chance to explain. Apparently he was talking to Paula, did not hear what Chris said, and rolled his eyes because of what transpired in his conversation with Paula. They did replay that scene with focus on him this time, and made his little private conversation audible. It would appear Simon is telling the truth, and not just trying to save face.

With that out of the way, the recaps of each performance was able to proceed.

Like the prior week, Ryan also went on the streets to get feedback from the general public on their thoughts of the performance show the night before. Again, fairly interesting stuff. There was one Indian guy who was interviewed who said he liked Sanjaya. Wow. Who would have guessed that?

Group song, I'm Doing Alright, was next. Sanjaya sounded good in one part. Chris was too squeaky for my use.

They showed some clips of the contestants outside of the stage setting, where they were letting us know what songs/music the contestants have been listening to. Guess who was shown answering this question while getting his hair done?
Next up was a live performance by Fergie. Not bad, I guess. But it didn't interest me much.

The Ford video was entitled I Ran. Quite slick. There was some Matrix and Inspector Gadget elements to it.

Ok, so enough of the fooling around. Time to get down to serious business. Ryan now proceeds to split the group into two groups. First up is Sanjaya who is sent to one side of the stage. Next is Phil, who is directed to the opposite end. Jordin is told to join Phil. Lakisha belongs to Sanjaya's group. Blake then becomes the third member of that group. Chris is sent over to the other side. So that leaves Melinda. At this point she is declared safe. What a surprise. But now she must select the group she belongs to, which will then declare which group is safe and which is not (this is a customary routine by the way, at this stage of the competition). But Melinda refuses to comply with Seacrest's instruction, and takes a seat in the centre of the stage, which evoked a round of applause.

Alas, the bottom 3 must be declared. Ryan then tells Melinda that she belongs with Chris' group. Hence, Sanjaya, Lakisha and Blake are in the bottom 3. In response to this group, Randy exclaims that it is crazy that Blake is there. Paula says she understands why two are up there. Naturally she doesn't say which two, otherwise she wouldn't be Paula, but it is obvious to all, which two she means. Hint: Blake is not among them. Simon with a big grin on his face, which Ryan calls attention to, simply says that he is "beginning to sense something here". What the heck does that mean?

Of course, at this point we have our customary break. When the show resumes, we get to see some clips of the contestants' trip down to the Shrek 3 studio. This must have been a treat to them all, as they got to see how the movie is developed, try out for character voices, and they got to meet Antonio Banderas, the official voice of the Puss in Boots character in the movie.

Getting back to reality, Ryan reveals that Mr. Banderas was actually in the audience right there in the front row, where he interacts with him briefly.

Martina McBride is then introduced. She clearly has talent. I can imagine that it was just heavenly for the Country lovers. After the break, we get back to more serious stuff. The bottom 3 are centre stage once again. Blake --safe! So now just Sanjaya and Lakisha.

At this point a smug smile was seen on Simon's face. It was as if he was thinking, "finally we are getting this freak off the show".

With over 38 million votes cast, Sanjaya: OUT! Lakisha manages to survive once again. (I shall be posting some thoughts on this outcome later in the week. I suspect the producers did some juggling). What a sad ending for all the Sanjaya fans. A great loss for the VoteForTheWorst crowd. Simon's frustration has been eased. The nightmare is over.

So Sanjaya performs the song, Let's Give Them Something To Talk About, one more time. The clever chap weaved some new lyrics into it: "Let's give them something to talk about, other than hair". The smile that manifested on Simon's face suggested he liked it!

Let's face it, whether for good or bad, the kid certainly gave us something to talk about. Sanjaya will be missed.

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