Recap Top 7

The American Idol top 7 performance show began fittingly with Ryan Seacrest expressing sympathy for victims of the Virginia school shooting.

This round the theme was Country style music. Martina McBride was the special mentor. With the loss of the Lovely Haley in the previous round, the show now offers a less interesting line up.

First to perform was none other than the inconsistent Phil Stacey. Martina commented that the start of his rehearsal was a bit stiff, but she liked how he progressed into it. Well Phil actually did a pretty decent performance vocally speaking. I would say his movements were a little too lifeless, but the singing is the important thing. All the judges liked his performance, and decided that country music is his genre. My feeling is, Phil has no real genre yet, but just had a lucky night.

Next up was the effervescent Jordin Sparks. She chose a Martina song and Martina seemed to have really liked it. My impression was that the song took a while before it seemed to have gotten started, and so bored me. Maybe the problem here was with the song choice, or maybe it's just the genre. However, her vocals were really good, especially as the song progressed. Not surprisingly, Randy loved it. Paula also. Simon remarked that this is the first that he has felt that she could really win this thing.

Sanjaya Malakar --Before his clip with Martina, they showed him awaiting his turn to come just after the break. When I saw him, I thought, "Good grief! Another feminine hairdo". He also lost the facial hair that was sighted in the previous round. Martina seemed to have some hope in what he could do. Alas, Sanjaya was back to normal this week. As I started taking notes of his performance, I jotted down "LOL!" He sounded like what we were used to in the pre-top 12 rounds. Which means, really bad. The boring lifelessness was all there. Randy said vocally it wasn't good, just bland and boring. Paula likes Sanjaya but not so much his vocals. Simon thought it was "utterly horrendous!" Simon's frustration was very evident and it seemed to have peaked when Ryan tried to cut the Sanjaya abuse short, to the point where Simon told Ryan to "shut up" in a very hostile tone. With his additional comments to Sanjaya, it was as if he was trying to communicate that the joke has gone on too long now, and the show is supposed to be about finding the next American Idol. That said, Sanjaya came across as hideous to Simon. On the positive side, Randy loved the scarf on Sanjaya's hair. (Anyone care to take a stab at uncovering the mystery of this kid?)

Lakisha Jones -- Lakisha opted to do Jesus Takes The Wheel, by Carrie Underwood, American Idol season 4 winner. Martina thought Lakisha connected with the lyrics. I actually thought it was pretty decent, with fine vocals. Randy however cited pitch problems at the start, and said it wasn't his favourite performance of hers to date. Paula agreed with Randy, and thought some parts sounded like she was shouting. Simon said it was "like eating a hamburger for breakfast". In other words, the song just didn't fit her. He reminded her of how spectacular she appeared several weeks ago, and warned that she needs to pick more suitable songs.

Chris Richardson -- Martina believes his voice fits this genre. I was somewhat inclined to concede that. However, when I actually heard him sing, I thought he was attrocious. Probably the worst I've ever heard from him. It appeared to me that he figured with this genre it was ok to sound squeaky, pitchy and nasally, so he just let it all out. Maybe that is considered a good thing in country music -I don't know -but it certainly didn't sound good to me. Randy didn't feel any connection. Paula said the joy and love didn't come through. The ironic thing about this, is that Chris thought he was at home in this genre. Simon remarked that vocally it was nasally and tinny, and the performance overall insignificant. Chris retorted that nasal is a type of singing. Well, even William Hung and Sanjaya do a type of singing. Chris took this time to express his sorrow for the Virginia tragedy, which elicited a roll of the eyes from Simon. I guess he was thinking that Chris was using that to gain some votes.

Melinda Doolittle --Martina commented that she had never heard the song Melinda chose, so was somewhat apprehensive. However after listening to Melinda sing it, she was impressed and called it the perfect song choice for her. Well Melinda is a really good singer, so I was not surprised that she delivered a vocally excellent performance, which was also entertaining. Randy loved it. Simon said it was fantastic, and great song choice. He did tell her to lose the surprise look she has when she is complimented, as if she doesn't know she is a great singer.

To close off the show, Blake Lewis. I must say I didn't like it. Vocals seemed messed up in some spots. I found it boring too. Overall, I would have to say it was awful. Randy thought he picked the right song for his voice, and that it was very nice. Paula just gave another version of what Randy said. Simon wasn't too excited over it, said it was OK. He then expressed his sympathy regarding the Virginia shooting. For some reason, he said it as if it were a part of his address to Blake.

So that wraps it up for the top 7 performances. I think the best for the night were Melinda, Phil and Jordin. Worst 3 would be Sanjaya, Chris and Blake. However, Lakisha has a good shot at going home. (See Bottom 2/3 theory page)

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I thought Blake was leaning on the good side of "alright".