Recap Top 8 Results Show

Dear All,

It is with deepest regret and heartfelt sorrow, that comes from the loss of our Lovely Haley, in which I write this recap. Please forgive me for skipping over details that I'd normally report, pictures and all. My heart is just not into it. So here goes...

More time has now been given for the results shows. Length is now 1hr. After watching this one, I am thinking that maybe half hour was fine. There was just a lot of filler before getting to what the crowd is really interested in -who is going home!

So the show started with a typical group song. I didn't like the pairing of the Lovely Haley with Sanjaya. He made their part sound off. Also, what in the world was he doing whispering? I could hardly hear him.

Next feature had Ryan on the road asking people from the public their impressions of the show, like what they thought of Jennifer Lopez, and Sanjaya and other contestants. It was entertaining to hear some of the responses.

Then there was what I'd consider a waste of time performance by Akon. The whole thing seemed rather lackluster.

Another Ford video was featured.

A more interesting filler however, was when they showed Simon in Africa. One of the children drew a picture representing him, which clearly displayed what would have to be his breasts. Simon chastised the child (not too harshly) for giving him what rightly belongs to a woman.

A little Tony Bennett scene was next. Anyway, after the next break, Ryan finally got around to what the show is really about.

So he first does a little dialogue with Melinda, Haley and Blake. The interesting thing about this, is that in finishing up his chat with Haley, he wishes her luck, but if you listen carefully to the way he said it, it seemed as if he was sad for her, as he knew what was coming.

Now it is time for business. Phil is the first one called to stand. Bottomline is, Phil is in the bottom 3. Next, Lakisha stands. At this I was fully expecting Lakisha to be sent to the centre of the stage, as the pre-show buzz had it that she was the one to go. So I was quite taken aback, and apprehensive when Ryan told her, "surprisingly, you're safe". Now probably he did this just for effect, but it could be too, that he knows Lakisha was right at the bottom with Haley. (The word on the street is that Lakisha and Haley were extremely close. I'll be posting more about this). My problem at this stage now was that if Lakisha wasn't going home, then it seemed Haley would be the one.

Jordin, safe. Sanjaya told to stand, then told to sit for the moment. It is clear Ryan is just reserving Sanjaya to stand with Chris to heighten the anticipation and surprise of who would eventually be the third to step into the bottom 3.

Melinda, safe. Lovely Haley, must stand beside Phil. Sanjaya called, but told not time yet, must sit. Blake, safe. Now both Sanjaya and Chris told to stand. Sanjaya is the one declared safe, and Chris takes his rightful place in the bottom 3.

After the break, Ryan sends one back to sit. The lucky person this week is none other than Chris, unfortunately.

Of course, it would be uncharacteristic of Ryan to announce the results at this point, so he introduces Jennifer Lopez who gave a live performance. For those of us who were fearful for the Lovely Haley, we could not really pay attention to what she was doing.
After her little gig, Ryan asked her what she thought of the judges'
comments on the night before. She said she disagreed with some things, and thought they all did well. That's when she declared herself to be of the Paula school of criticism.

So just after mentioning that this voting was the highest for the season, just about 35 million votes, Ryan gives the distressing news, that Phil is safe. Hence the Lovely Haley has reached her end in the show. A tragedy indeed. For some reason the other contestants didn't seem sad she was leaving. But we wish Haley all the best, and hope to hear some recordings of hers in the not too distant future.

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Bye Haley! The legs gotta go somewhere.;-)