Recap Top 9 Results Show

The results show for the top 9 contestants started pretty much like other results shows. First off there was a recap of what transpired the previous night. Then a commercial break to raise one's state of anticipation.

The show returns with another music video clip of contestants. This time they were doing a song by Bob Marley, entitled, One Love. A special appearance by Kermit the frog was made. I thought the whole thing was pretty decent, and a bit surprising that they chose to do some reggae music. It actually sounded good.

When the stage is next shown, the contestants are seen standing in groups of 3s. It certainly was expected that Ryan would do the group thing tonight, seeing that there were 9 contestants left, which would make exactly 3 groups of 3s, one naturally being the bottom 3. I suppose Ryan did the forming of the groups during the commercial break to conserve on time. So we were deprived of the usual excitement that comes from watching him do the call out.

Now the first group of 3 we are introduced to, consists of
Blake, Chris and Sanjaya. Ryan starts with them, and does the usual summary bit to state what each of them did the previous night. But instead of saying whether they are safe, he proceeds to the next group standing in the middle of the stage.

The second group of 3 included the Lovely Haley, Gina and Phil. This of course meant that the last third would have Jordin, Melinda and Lakisha. It seemed clear to me that the bottom 3 must have been the one in the middle, that contained Gina, and I believe most people would have expected this. First of all, the last group must have been safe, since Melinda was among them. There was a pre-show buzz where many were speculating that Lakisha was the one to be going home. This idle chatter was generated because someone claimed that Nigel (one of the producers) said on a radio programme that there would be a huge shocker on the upcoming show . But all such thoughts surely would have been dispelled when it was seen that Lakisha was grouped with Melinda.

Comparing the other two groups, one would naturally expect that the one with Blake and Chris would be safe, even though the much despised Sanjaya Malakar was with them. In fact, just his presence there was a stronger indicator that they were safe, as Sanjaya's supporters are still too strong at this stage to not have been enough to ensure his exclusion from the bottom 3. Also, it must not be forgotten, that the lad's performance the prior night was decent, and probably his best showing to date.

Considering the above, and the fact that Haley and Phil were in the remaining group, it should have been clear to all that this was the bottom 3. I highlight Haley and Phil simply because they were in the so called bottom 3 the previous week, so it is easier to imagine them being there again this week, despite the fact that Haley was absolutely fantastic in her performance. Of course the judges had all conspired to sabotage her.

Aside from all this though, the word on the street all day before the show, was that Gina was the one leaving. The source who normally provides this info only posted it as a preliminary result, as all the votes were not tallied at the time he/she had gotten this indication. Add to the mix dialidol's stats, which had Haley and Gina as most likely to be in the bottom 3, and there could be very little doubt that this was indeed the group that would be left standing centre stage. One would naturally wonder if Ryan was about to pull a complete surprise, but it just wasn't possible.

So Ryan gives the summary of each contestant in group 2, then proceeds to do the same for the last group. Whereas he is proned to release the results only after going to a break, he broke form this time, and gave the clearance to group 3. So Melinda, Jordin and Lakisha are safe.

At this point he goes back to group 1 and tells them that though they were not in the top group, they were not in the bottom either. So Sanjaya is confirmed safe!

This leaves the group that was the prime suspect in the first place. But Ryan is not about to enlighten the expectant audience anymore for a while, as it is now time for the break. When the show resumes, a little entertainment is provided in the form of a live performance by Michael Buble. It should have been Tony Bennett to perform, but apparently he called in sick.

Listening to this Buble fellow was reminiscent of listening to a Sanjaya or John Stevens performance. Just not fitting for American Idol. If it was Tony performing, one would be more inclined to pardon him, seeing that he is an old man.

After completing the snooze delight, Buble asks Ryan if he is wasting his votes by still voting for Antonella Barba. I guess he was trying to be funny. It wasn't too clear if Ryan got that though. After a pause, Ryan just said that she is no longer on the show. Maybe he was just playing along.

Now it is time when the long standing tradition of sending one of the 3 back to safety is carried out. Phil is the lucky guy again. Actually, it is quite possible that Phil wasn't truly one of the bottom 3. (See Bottom 2/3 (really)??)

So Haley and Gina left standing. Although Gina was the one touted to be going home, there was still some anxiety among the fans of the Lovely Haley. Ryan then asks the judges what they think, whether these two were the expected ones to be standing there. Randy says yes at first, then changes his mind. Paula says nothing useful as is her custom. Simon with a smile that Ryan tells him to lose, says plainly that this was expected. (pic above is just after Simon says this)

The mental drumroll sounds in millions of minds as Ryan begins to give the result. He decides this is the time to tell us that the show garnered the most votes for the season so far, for this round. The figure was somewhere around 33 million.

Haley........ SAFE! (see pic on left)
The sobbing Gina (see below) must leave the competition now. This no doubt was a shock to the Gina fans, who fully expected that she would last longer. Alas, it was not to be. But regardless, congrats to Gina still, for making it this far.

The show closes with a highly emotional display from Gina and the other contestants, as she sings one last time as an American Idol season 6 contestant.


(left to right: Sanjaya, Jordin, Melinda after just hearing the result, Gina's family after just hearing, Gina with group singing final song)

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