Melinda Doolittle's Elimination

Some Melinda fans have surmised that there must have been some fixing of the results, since Melinda was clearly the best. Is there any merit to this theory?

You can see my previous posts concerning Phil and Sanjaya, and the bottom 3s. I have been an advocate for fixing throughout the competition. I also believe that the powers behind the show wanted a boy- girl finish, from very early. However, in the case of the top 3, when Melinda got eliminated, I do believe that was the genuine voting result.

Here's why. In the previous week when Lakisha got eliminated, my sources indicated that Melinda was very close down there with her. Jordin and Blake however were way ahead. Now it is true that a lot of people who voted for Lakisha would now turn over their votes to Melinda. However, Jordin would also have benefited from that to some extent. So it still would have been tough for Melinda to catch up Jordin. It would also have been difficult for her to surpass Blake. Remember Blake being the only guy left, would get votes from those who just wanted a guy to win. Also, his beat boxing set him apart, and when you add to the mix the fact that he appeals to a lot of young silly girls, then it is expected that he would be a true contender for the finale.

Now I do believe the actual result was very close. However, I think Jordin and Blake managed to legitimately just edge Melinda out. Having said all that, it should be emphasised, that leading up to the top 3 show, the producers or the powers that be, orchestrated things so that Blake and Jordin would have had the best chance of reaching the finale. The premature elimination of Phil (and even Sanjaya) allowed Blake to sail through to the finale. Phil would have split some of Blake's vote count, and with his improvement over his last few performances, threatened to outlast Blake. A lot more could be said, but to avoid getting into too complicated analysis, I'll leave it here.

Incidentally, the pairing of Jordin with Blake, if that's what the producers really wanted, indicates that they wanted Jordin to be the American Idol. For there really is no competition between the two. Jordin wins hands down.

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