Recap Grand Finale Performance

After tons of auditions, and many weeks of contestant cutting, we finally arrived at the grand finale performance show, with just 2 contestants left -the fortuitous Blake Lewis and the vocally apt Jordin Sparks.

At the start of the show we learnt that Paula had broken her nose over the weekend. Actually for anyone paying attention to American Idol news, this was already known. Ryan probed her a bit as to what happened, and she explained that she fell over her dog. On learning that the "bitch" (I'll let you decide who this refers to) was ok, he proceeded to get the show off the ground.

A little recap was played from the time of the original auditions. Apparently both Blake and Jordin did their auditions in the same city (Seattle).

Then came a scene from last week's results show that was not aired then, where the coin toss was made to determine who would perform first in the finale. Well the coin landed on the side that had Blake's image, which meant that he got to choose who would go first. He asked Jordin if she wanted to, and when she answered in the negative, he volunteered to go first.

Round 1

Blake's first song was You Give Love A Bad Name. This is one that he had done before some weeks ago and which he got rave reviews for, mainly for the beat boxing. So again, he repeated his performance, and again, the drummer guy made him look good. It was certainly an entertaining showing, so he gets credit for that at least. Randy said he gives him 10/10 for the beat boxing, but the singing was just alright. Paula retorted that Randy is hearing something that "we" are not hearing. She felt he did even better this time than the first time he did it. Simon commented that he is not the best singer in the competition, but he is the best performer.

In the audience were:

The Lovely Haley (and company)

Up next was Jordin singing Christina Aguillera's Fighter, which she had not done before on the show . I wasn't too impressed with the start, and I was thinking that the problem was with the song. But then things picked up very nicely. I did enjoy it, and have to give Jordin her due. Excellent vocals. Randy said she was stellar, brilliant and sounded amazing. Paula claimed she knew this would be one of the best finale's ever, and Jordin's and Blake's opening proved that. Well whatever one thinks of prior finales, certainly this one would even have been better if it was Melinda vs. Jordin. At least then Jordin would have some competition. Simon was happy to see that she chose a song more fitting for her age, but felt that she was shrieking in the middle. Consequently he awarded round 1 to Blake and thereby lapsed into poor judgment.

Round 2

After a break, Blake is shown recounting how he always wanted some drums when he was growing up, but he never got. Then one day he saw a group performing and one of the guys was beat boxing. He fell in love with it from there and started doing it himself.

For his second performance, Blake did Maroon 5's She Will Be Loved. He had some pretty decent moments, but was really bad in other parts. Also, he was just flat at times. His falsetto needs some work; it was only ok. Randy thought it was a great song, and very nice vocal (a strange comment I do say). Paula said he sounded great. Simon commented that it was good, safe, not as good as his first showing of the night, and didn't think it was so wise to choose that particular song since it probably won't have much of an impact.

As there was with Blake, there was likewise a little recounting of Jordin's growing up, and how she got involved in singing.

Jordin chose to do A Broken Wing for her second performance. This is one she did earlier in the season. I felt the singing was great, but the song itself could do with slightly more work. Randy thinks she might be the most talented 17 yr old he has ever encountered. He said it was brilliant, flawless and better than the original. Paula started with the "you look adorable bit", but she did have more positive comments to add. She expressed that Jordin was "in great great vocal voice tonight". Simon's only feedback was, "Now that, was great".

Round 3

This is the round that features the song that was selected from the song writing competition. The winning song is called This Is My Now.

I think Blake actually did decently on this one. It was one of his better performances I would have to say. Randy acknowledged that this is not the kind of song that would suit Blake, but conceded that he did well nevertheless, and told him that he didn't have to feel too bad about it. LOL. Paula had nothing but praises. (Is anyone surprised?) Simon thought it was odd and made reference to the jumping around in the middle. He took that as a sign of frustration. Simon understood this is not really the type of song Blake would normally sing, and so concluded that he needs to be judged based on his prior two performances. He also mentioned that his feeling that Seattle had talent was now proven right.

Then it was Jordin's turn to give her rendition of the same song. Jordin is more of the ballad type, so one would expect her to do well with it. She did not disappoint. However she did have an unnerving look on her face near the start, as if she had forgotten the words. Thankfully that was not the case. Then again, not many would know if she actually did. She did have a little trouble finishing the song, as her emotions apparently overloaded and brought her on the verge of tears (in the good sense). She must have realised how well she was doing. Randy emphasised that it is a singing competition and so Jordin wins for the night. Paula...nevermind. Simon reflected that he didn't think she was good enough to make it to the finals up till last week. Then he apologised, and remarked that she wiped the floor with Blake on that song. Indeed!

Ryan asks the judges for their final comments. Randy did not hold back on his feeling that Jordin won. Paula couldn't come to a decisive conclusion, as usual. Simon awarded Blake the best single of the night, but gave the overall prize to Jordin.

Closing the show, was a little something from Chris Daughtry, live on stage.

As I declared from last week, Jordin is the American Idol. I will not relent on this. She will beat Blake by a significant margin. A pity we were deprived of a more exciting finale with Jordin facing Melinda. Now that would have been a tough one to call.

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