Recap Grand Finale

So the couple hours we were all waiting for, finally arrived - The Grand Finale Results show! What a waste of time. In character with the whole season, the closing show was boring and filled with commercials that probably had as much time as the actual show.

I refuse to give the step by step event progression in the kind of detail as I normally do. I shall simply select the most entertaining bits, and make mention of some of the other items they hoped we would have found interesting.

The show was filled with singing performances by a wide assortment of celebrities. The actual Idol contestants were for the most part relegated to background music.

Opening the show were Jordin and Blake singing I Saw Her Standing There. As I listened, I muttered to myself, "damn it! Blake is ruining everything". Then Jordin started to sing, and I was like, "good grief! Jordin is messing it up too". Gwen Stefani did a number. Not sure why. Really, if she was not sexy, would anyone care about her singing?

So very poor start to the show. Kelly Clarkson sang Never Again, and I hope she never again does it. It was a most unfortunate choice of songs. Seemed to me like she was shouting for a good deal of it.

Finally the show begins to brighten up as Ryan introduced the Golden Idol Awards. Essentially an award is given to some of the strangest contestants who auditioned, for something. There were 3 such awards presented, but I think we'd all agree only two were particularly interesting.

The first award went to Margaret Fowler. This is the one Ryan once referred to as Big Bird's long lost cousin, or something to that effect. The other nominees for this category of Best Presentation, were also serious contenders for the prize. Miss Fowl...err..Fowler stepped up to receive her prize and gave Ryan a huge wet one right on the lips, taking him down to the ground. Oh, her cell phone actually rang while she was collecting her award. LOL! I really wasn't sure if that was scripted or not.

The third award which was for the category of Best Buddies went to Jonathan and Kenneth. However Ryan and Simon came pretty close to taking the title. Another notable nominee was Antonella Barba and her friend. Jonathan is the guy Simon said looked like a bushbaby. He actually thanked Simon for saying that, as it has apparently brought him a lot of fame since.

The top 6 guys did a number with Smoky Robinson. I think it would have been better without him. Not that there is anything wrong with Smoky, but as we have not seen and heard some of these guys for some weeks now, it would have been nice to hear more from them. It was the same problem with the girls. They performed with Gladys Knight, mainly as background singers. At least there was more entertainment to their item. And it was refreshing to see the Lovely Haley once again.

Melinda got to do a little more backup singing with the folks she normally sings with. Ok, to be fair, she did get to showcase her stuff somewhat. Anyway, this was a pretty decent item.

Blake and Jordin were given a car each (mustangs).

Carrie Underwood performed I'll Stand By You, the song she also did on Idol Gives Back show. I liked it then, and I liked it now. I was never a Carrie fan, but I did enjoy this performance. I suspect the song itself has a lot to do with it, but I don't want to take anything away from Carrie, as it really did sound good.

Clive Davis gave a little speech, where he highlighted the fact that Daughtry has out sold Taylor and Kathryn by a lot. He mumbled some other stuff and then voila! Carrie Underwood is presented with an award.

The African Children's choir were back, and performed an item that they sang in their own language. Nice to see them doing well.

I guess as part of the comedy aspect of the show, Sanjaya was back, performing with Joe Perry. The introduction to this segment had Sanjaya at the end of a list of notable folks such as Einstein, JFK and Gandhi. Well Sanj boy was in his element and did not fail to deliver the kind of performance that we've come to expect from him. Even the Crying Girl, who was back in the audience, was brought to tears again.

Taylor Hicks made his season debut performance. He's still doing the weird looking dance moves, and still milking the old harmonica gimmick.

There was a duet with Jordin and Ruben. Yes, long lost Ruben Studdard. Apparently he is still around. Well the duet was actually fairly decent.

Towards the end of the show Kelly Clarkson came back and sang solo. As she finished her bit, she introduced Taylor Hicks. He did a little something, and then introduced Carrie Underwood. During her singing, the top 6 girls of this season appeared in the background. Ruben Studdard got his introduction and then the top 6 guys of this season gave some background support. This led to some singing by the current Idols themselves. What a breath of fresh air to hear the Lovely Haley Scarnato again. Only Idol winner absent, was Fantasia.

Other items that some possibly found interesting were:
Blake beat boxing with Doug E. Fresh (who was much better than Blake at it)
Tony Bennett singing
Bette Midler...(sounded not good)
Ford video

Ok, so that wraps it up for the grand finale, or is that grand flop?

Oh, I forgot to mention one other thing that transpired in the last few minutes of the 2 hour presentation. There were over 74 Million votes (a record btw), and Jordin Sparks won. Well I already declared her the winner from last week, so it's already stale news to you readers.

Folks, I intend to update this site as need be, but I do expect that I'll be scarce between now and next year. However, feel free to post here any American Idol ideas or theories you find interesting.

Congrats Miss Sparks!

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