Recap Top 3 Results Show

Well the show to tell us who will be in the finale finally arrived. I must say that the result is somewhat depressing, and so it is with some struggle that I prepare this recap.

Commencing the show was a little clip of Homer Simpson announcing or trying to anyway, the results show.

From this early we are made aware of the fact that Brandon was in the audience. Remember Brandon? (see his pic further down)

We all know the top 3 contestants got to return home during the week prior to their performance. The results show was essentially a recap of their trip back home. Each contestant were met by mayors/governor, and a great many fans. In addition, it seems they each got a day dedicated to them in their respective states.

Jordin Back At Home

Blake Back At Home

For some reason Blake seemed to have had almost all female fans. That proves to me that he hasn't really made it so far based on his singing.

At Blake's home town, the following guy was spotted.

Recognise him? I can't say for certain, but he seems to be the guy who appeared challenged in some way, who auditioned earlier and became friends with the guy Simon said looked like some creature in the jungle with the big eyes.

Melinda Back At Home

After the clip of Jordin's trip back home, Ryan started to give the run down of the judges' comments of her performances the previous night, as if he was about to start giving the results. But he stops just short of that, and tells her she will get the news later on.

Other notable persons in the audience were Lakisha (with Brandon), and the Lovely Haley.

I should probably mention that Blake did the national anthem while he was home, and it didn't sound good. In fairness to him, it wasn't clear whether it was his voice, or just the accoustics of the setting.

Ryan basically did the same thing for Blake as he did for Jordin, in acting as if he was delivering the results.

Certainly one of the great highlights of the show, was the return of Elliott Yamin, the great. This guy made it to the top 3 in season 5, but America didn't think the best vocalist of that season should have had a place in the finale. Well Elliott did a live performance, and it was excellent. Good song and superb singing! Ryan solicited the judges' comments on his performance. Randy said it was hot. Paula replied that she was speechless and so proud of him. Simon said it was not great, but quickly added that he was kidding and it was great.

Throughout the show Simon seemed down. Ryan even called him out on that, and asked why he was sulking. He claimed he wasn't, and mumbled some excuse about it being cold. In hindsight, it seems Simon knew the result, and knew things were not right.

After Elliott's fine showing, Ryan started to introduce the break. In doing so, he said Melinda would be going home after. I was like, "What the?? Did he just blunder and give away the result early?" Then I figured out he was referring to her return trip. Or was I right in my first thought?

The routine Ford video managed to find its place in the show. Song for the video was Everybody Wants You.

After the recap of Melinda's trip home, there was another live performance, this time from the band Maroon 5. A waste of time if you ask me.

Ok, so we finally get to the last few minutes of the show, when the focus is on some incidental details, the actual results. So the 3 contestants are now centre stage. Ryan calls Jordin to step forward. After almost 60 million votes, Jordin is declared a grand finalist. Well this wasn't altogether surprising. We all know Jordin is quite talented and has been a candidate for the finale for some time now. But the question now raised is, what about Melinda? The producers' behaviour throughout the season, seemed to have indicated that they wanted a boy-girl finale. But surely they wouldn't allow Melinda to fall by the wayside. Would they?

Ryan calls Melinda forward and gives the sad sad news, that the road ends here for her. Blake managed to squeeze through. Or should I say, the producers paved his path to get there. Well, it doesn't seem that Simon got his way this time. His girl got cut. I was also wrong in my guess that Melinda was a sure thing for the finals, based on Simon's comment he wanted her there. It seems the producers are not all equal, and they do not all agree.

We all know this result is highly suspicious. Theories and ideas will be forthcoming.

Simon, we feel your pain .....................Jordin can't believe she outlasted Mel

One thing is for sure: Jordin will be the next American Idol. It is by no means too close to call, and so I call it.

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