Recap Top 4 Results Show

With the top 4 results show, we were once again treated to a 57 minute waste of time, practically speaking. At least the previous results show had two eliminations to spread across the hour.

Anyhow...The show started with a variance in the judges' seating arrangement, where Simon and Paula were interchanged. I didn't quite get the reason for that. It didn't last though, as later in the show all was made right. Actually if they wanted to do a switcheroo thing, they should consider doing it on a performance night show, with Paula and Randy interchanged (see Interchanging Paula and Randy).

With Paula in Simon's seat, at her introduction, she drew attention to her chest area, supposedly as some sort of parody of Simon basking in the attention. Ryan commented that Simon actually has more to work with in that area. Depending on one's perspective, that is either an insult to Paula or to Simon. Simon tried to get the better of it and told Ryan to apologise to Paula. Well, we all must admit that Simon has big breasts, but Paula certainly has enough of her own (see pic on right, taken from the Idol Gives Back week).

As is customary, the recaps of the previous night's show were shown. Then Ryan was back out in the Farmer's Market. Nothing much there, except that one person highlighted the fact that Blake was off in his performances.

A live performance by Pink was next. Quite frankly, it did nothing for me. Whatever the big deal is with Pink, it wasn't evident from that showing.

Then we had the Ford video. The song for it was You Really Got Me. I seem to recall Sanjaya doing that several weeks ago. That is now a Sanjaya song to me since it brings back memories of his rendition.

Up next was the group performance with a tribute to Barry Gibb, as they did a smorgasbord of pieces of his songs.

Ryan had a little chat with the idols. Nothing much to see here, so moving right along, we get to share in part of the sneak preview of the new Fantastic Four movie coming out, which the Idols were treated to. The stars of the movie were actually in the results show audience.

To fill some time, we were given a little insight into the personal lives of the Idols. Each of them except for Jordin is an only child.

After a break, the show resumed with the 4 Idols huddled together in the centre of the stage, bracing themselves for the results. Ryan begins the call out, with the rundown of what each person did, starting with Lakisha. Melinda next, then Blake. As he completed his piece for Jordin, he declared her safe!

We can't get to the rest of the results yet. We have breaks and announcements lined up first. One item that might be of interest to some, is that American Idol is now looking for bands. Now you don't have to go make a fool of yourself alone. You can do it with a group.

Barry Gibb gave a live performance of To Love somebody. Strange song choice, since Jordin just did an excellent job of it the previous night. Why set up yourself to be compared to her? Anyway, he went for it, and sucked big time if you ask me. He started out somewhat like a chicken clucking, and then did an overall poor performance. He should observe the following young man in action, and take lessons on how this song ought to be sung!

If you can't see the video above, click here

Results time again. Melinda, safe!

So with just Blake and Lakisha standing, Ryan asks Randy who he thinks is going home. Of course Randy refuses to guess. Simon on the other hand gladly volunteered his guess that Lakisha would be the one.

Over 45 Million votes.

"Blake", said Ryan, "You are safe". At last Lakisha goes home. The producers saved her long enough, and decided that now is the time. I'm tempted to say All's well that ends well, but alas, Blake is still in the show.

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