Recap Top 4

With just 4 contestants left in the competition, there was enough time for each to do 2 songs this round. The theme for this week was the Bee Gees. Barry Gibb, the mentor.

First up was Melinda. Barry thought it strange she picked this song, as it is supposed to be a falsetto song. I guess he had doubts about her abilities in this area, but he claimed she pulled it off. I wasn't really feeling it tonight. Vocals are still good, but there wasn't any excitement incited, or any magic to it. Randy said it was a solid performance, but not jumping up and down. Paula praised her vocals but was looking for the wow factor at this stage. Simon, as he generally does, attempted to translate what Paula said, which is that she wasn't really impressed. Simon also wasn't.

Little boy Blake was next in line. Barry thought he picked a suitable song since it could accomodate some beat boxing. My impression is that the background music saved him. It really wasn't anything worthy of praise. Too much beat boxing if you ask me. Also there was still that constipated look to his face that he usually has when performing, though it wasn't so bad tonight. Randy expressed that the beat boxing gimmick (he didn't use that word) didn't work for him. Paula said he started a little shaky, but that he showed that he is unique and why he is on that stage. Yeah, right! Simon said it was unique alright, but terrible.

Lakisha -- Barry said it was a tricky song to sing. Lakisha has a tendency to wear clothes that distracts one from her singing, which usually is not a good thing. I don't know if anyone thought she resembled a watermelon on the stage, but I suppose that was not out of the realm of possibility. Don't get me wrong here, I like Lakisha's vocals, mostly, and I like her personality. I'm just saying her stylist can do better. She was just ok for me overall. Strangely enough, Barry gave her some advice that seemed good, but she never bothered to take it. This is not the first she has totally disregarded advice from one of the mentors. Randy said it was weird for him, and just wasn't working. Simon told her there'll be no kiss for her this time. He felt she was back to shouting, and it was verging on scary in some parts.

Jordin -- Barry complimented her highly, saying he hadn't heard a greater version than hers. She did do well. Clearly the best for the first round of the night. That was an odd outfit though. Randy exclaimed that it was probably the best for the night. Paula said it was, and Simon echoed their sentiments.

That concluded round 1 of the night. On to round 2...

Melinda -- In her practice session with Barry, he wondered why she altered the lyrics. She explained that she didn't think it was a good idea to sing anything to the effect of being a loser on American Idol. So she decided to avoid the line. With that Barry couldn't fault her, and in fact thought it was wise decision. Ok, so this time Melinda did great. At least compared to her first choice. I believe I've heard better from her though. Randy said it was great. Paula babbled something nonsensical about throwing away her technique. I guess Paula wants to hear mediocrity from Melinda. Simon thought that the second half of that song has put her through to the semi-finals.

Blake -- As I listened to Blake and watched him perform, I was saying to myself, "what the heck is Blake doing on the stage? He doesn't belong there". Randy thought it was better than his first, but still nothing to jump up and down about. He also complained that the beat boxing thing is getting tired, no need to do it every song. Paula came to Blake's defense, and claimed it was fine for him to do it because he could. Simon didn't think Blake had a good night, and commented that it was a really weird and bizarre song choice.

Lakisha -- What can I say? Boooring! Randy judged it better than the first one, even though she got a little hoarse at the end. Simon agreed it was better than her first, but felt that she and Blake were vulnerable tonight.

Closing the show, Jordin. Once again Barry had high praises for her, predicting that she will be "one of our greatest female recording artists". Much better outfit this time. I thought the first part sounded almost out of tune, but ended really well. Randy didn't think it was her best, and added that it was pitchy in parts. Paula started with the dreaded "you look beautiful" line, which generally means she can't find anything good to say about the singing. She was clearly struggling for words, and just decided she couldn't bring herself to say how bad she really thought it was. Simon said it was pageanty and old fashioned overall including the dress.

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly,
The Lovely Haley

So without question, the contestants with the worst showing of the top 4 performances were Blake and Lakisha. I suspect Lakisha will get the boot, although Blake surely deserves it more than she does.

By the way, the judges finally did well with the judging. Apart from some Blake-biased comments from Paula, the critque they gave was pretty much on target.

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