Recap Top 6, Round 2 Results Show

So another results show came to pass, but this time it was a double feature, in that two were sent home. Charity week saved someone last time, and so to restore order in the world, an extra one had to go this week.

Ryan and Simon started out on the wrong footing. Ryan made a comment (nevermind what the context was) to the effect that Paula is not Simon's puppet, and that he has seen his puppet which is not as pretty as Paula. That baffled Simon, and the perceptive mind could see that he took that as an insult to his girlfriend/fiancee. That itself is an indictment on Simon, as it seems he has no problem considering a person his puppet. Anyway, Ryan meant no such thing. Quite frankly, I'm not sure exactly what Ryan meant, though I suspect there is something rude/naughty to it. One wonders how Ryan got to meet this "puppet".

So as Ryan tried to ask Simon a question regarding the prior night's performances, Simon was on the verge of making a scene when he demanded Ryan apologise for insulting his girlfriend. LOL! Well the air was eventually cleared, and Ryan got his question out. In essence Ryan wanted Simon's comments on his thoughts for the performance show. Simon characteristically was very parsimonious with his praise, but with some struggle, managed to admit that if he had to give anyone top marks it would have to be Blake, partly because he took a risk.

Ok, to avoid making this recap too long, let me cut to the chase. After street interviews and a few other things, Ryan asked Lakisha what she thought of the kiss. She replied that she would do it again. But Ryan ensured there be no such repeat of that, since, as he said, we heard earlier that he has a girlfriend, and "it is VERY serious". Simon cracked up at that. I'm not quite sure why it was so funny to him.

After a pre-recorded message from Ruben Studdard, and a recap of Idol Gives back week, Robin Thicke was introduced, and gave a live performance. What the hell was that? It's unnerving to hear that female voice coming from what seems to be clearly a man.

The Ford video was up sometime after Fantasia's message was played. Before I realised what it was, I saw this freaky looking guy that I thought looked like Blake. Then I realised it was Blake. He should not have any trouble getting a job at a circus.

Without further Adieu, Ryan tells the front row of the contestants to stand. Melinda, Phil, Lakisha. Melinda is announced as safe from early, leaving just Lakisha and Phil. He calls Lakisha's name, and with an extremely long pause, declared her safe! Therefore, Phil must depart. But this is a preposterous result. All my sources said Lakisha was to go based on the real vote count. If there was any doubt before when they axed Sanjaya, there can be none now. The Idol boys are playing games, and making the voting a farce. VoteForTheWorst has been delivered another blow. What will they do now? If I was one given to conspiracy theories, I would surely think there is some connection between this result and the fact that VoteForTheWorst was backing Phil. Anyhow, more on this matter later.

Tears were seen coming from Melinda as the news of the loss of Phil sunk in. Phil did his thing one more time.

Back row now! Jordin, Blake, Chris. Ryan promptly relieves Jordin saying he won't mess with her again this time, after what he did last week. So we know either Blake or Chris must go home now. But seriously, did anyone really have any doubt who would be the one? The look on Chris' face showed that even he knew. Nevertheless, Ryan can't just give the results yet. Still too early for that.

So after a break, Bon Jovi comes to entertain the crowd. Now, all you Jovi fans, don't pounce on me for what I'm about to say. I'm sorry, but it just did not work for me. Started horribly and didn't get much better throughout. The song lasted way too long. What a flop!

Taylor hicks aired.

Once again, Blake and Chris. The two are seen doing some silly handshake, and then they declare themselves (no, not gay) best friends. I got the impression that Blake felt he was safe, but I could be wrong. Perhaps he got assurance by observing that the drummer guy was not on stage to make a replay of his prior night's performance possible. By the way, vote total was over 135 million. Chris --OUT! Blake can take a seat; his gimmicks paid off. No surprise there. Pity. Would have been a whole lot more interesting to see Blake standing there stunned.

Chris does his number one more time.

This means just one guy left in the competition. Will the producers put Blake into the finale? Let's see.

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