Recap Top 6, Round 2

As we all should know by now, this week still featured the top 6, as in the spirit of charity week, all contestants were safe.

The theme for this round was Rock music with Bon Jovi as the guest mentor.

So first up for the night was VoteForTheWorst pick Phil Stacey. In the clip of the mentor session, Jovi said Phil knocked it out of the ball park, and that he nailed every note of the song. Actually in that piece I didn't think Phil sounded too hot. However my impression of his actual performance is markedly different. I would say Phil did well. Randy agreed and said that outside of Country week, this was his best
showing. Paula said it was the best opening for the season. Simon thought it was OK which earned a long string of "boos" from the audience. When he finally got to speak again, he said he didn't see any authenticity and in the middle was like a bad actor playing a role, and if this was the audition for a Rock singer, he wouldn't pass the audition. Simon also expressed his feelings that Phil will not make it to the next round.

After the break, Gina Glocksen was shown sitting in the audience. Recall that the image Gina tried to portray was that of a Rocker girl. So it must have been tough for her to be sitting there seeing what she missed with the Bon Jovi sessions, and not getting to show off her Rocker self. Ryan rubbed it in a bit with his comment about how difficult it must be for her.

Second contestant up was Jordin Sparks. Jordin had some trouble in the mentoring session, but Jovi gave her some good tips. When she started singing though, I could tell it wasn't really going to work for her. It really doesn't seem that this song is suited for a female voice especially one like Jordin's. Randy said her big notes were good, but the low ones were off. Jordin acknowledged that. Paula gave her credit for
going for such a difficult song. Simon commented on her looks first, which he likened to something from the Adam's Family. Regarding her singing, he thought it was out of control and sounded like shrieking in places. I think that description pretty much sums up typical Rock music, so I don't see why this should be held against her. Jordin however openly admitted that this was a difficult genre for her.

Lakisha Jones -- In response to the question Ryan fielded to her just before her performance, about the kind of training she had before Idol, Lakisha revealed that she had none. In the feature with Jovi, he was pleased with how she did, and said that if he were a betting man, he would bet she is not going home for singing that song. He could be right, but she could go home for other reasons. During her performance, I thought her outfit was distracting. It brought to attention her size. However, I thought she did pretty good. Randy exclaimed that Lakisha is back this week. Thought it was a little pitchy in the beginning, but blew it out. Simon said, "I actually could kiss you after that". With that remark, Ryan promptly led the girl down to Simon who then laid one on her lips. Seems he couldn't stop wiping off his lips after though.

Blake Lewis -- Bon Jovi thought Blake was taking a big risk with this one. He was concerned that there would be too much non-singing for a show that is supposed to be about singing. The first short clip they showed of him singing was nothing impressive. Just typical bland Blake. His performance however was not so dull. He mixed it up with a lot of beat boxing. That is not to say I liked it. Actually I think he had too much of that gimmick included. However, I don't think it was bad, and was pretty decent in parts. Randy said he would give him the reward for the most original performance ever on American Idol. He also liked it. Paula naturally loved it. Simon believes half of the people will hate it, and the other half will love it, but he thinks this was the thing to do.

Chris Richardson -- Bon Jovi didn't seem to impressed. He remarked that it seemed Chris was nervous as he forgot some of the words. Listening to Chris, I felt bored. However, on the plus side, he didn't sound as squeaky as he normally does. Overall I think it was a fairly decent effort. Randy liked it. Paula said good job. Simon said he probably did as much as he could possibly do with that song, as this is not his style of music. He added that he wasn't too sure if it was enough to keep him through for another round.

Closing the show was Melinda Doolittle. Melinda commented that she was just learning Rock. Jovi thought she nailed it. I liked her performance. I have always acknowledged the great vocal talent she has, but I've not really been too particular for the songs she normally sings. This one I thought was one of her more interesting ones. Randy said maybe it wasn't her best, but still thought it was very good, and made some kind of comparison to Tina Turner. Paula asked her how it feels to be a Rock star. Then she told her that she is one, to which Simon did what appeared to be a mocking mimicking of Melinda holding her head forward with a look of "you really like me?" on her face, replying to Paula's assertion with "is she?" When Simon gave his real reply he agreed with Randy about the young Tina Turner bit, and added that vocally it was in a different league.

This was followed by a short clip of Bush (ie. the president) and his wife thanking all the American Idol viewers for the contribution made during charity week. Over $70 Million was raised.

For me worst 3 were Jordin, Chris and Blake. But votes for this show will be added to that of the previous week, so very difficult to say who will be the bottom 3 or 2.

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