Were Sanjaya And Phil Axed By The Producers?

In the top 7 week, did Sanjaya really get the lowest number of votes? And was Phil really in the bottom two the week he got eliminated?

I do not think so. Various indicators give a different result.

I have a running thread on the Bottom 2 or 3 that they show. (see Bottom 2/3 theory page)
There I offered some comments on what really happened the week Sanjaya got eliminated. But with the demise of Phil, things are becoming a little clearer. The producers went too far this time.

Let's get this straight. Sanjaya did not have the lowest number of votes when he got eliminated. And in the double elimination week, Phil was in the top 2, not bottom 2 when he got eliminated.

So what's really going on? The real ranking for Phil was second, with Blake above him. In that round, Lakisha and Chris were the true bottom 2. I'm of course going on the trusty source I've mentioned all along who has been providing the real results. Also, the dialidol scores indicated Chris and Lakisha were in the bottom 2, with Phil ranking number 3. In the Sanjaya week, there were other sources apart from my trusty one, which indicated that Lakisha was really the lowest vote getter.

With the elimination of Phil, I can now see what they are doing, though I'm still unclear as to what they are ultimately up to. In my bottom 2/3 theory page, I explained how the bottom 3 or 2 that they show are a mix of the lowest guys and the lowest girls. So the 3 that they show are not necessarily the 3 lowest. However, up until the round with Lovely Haley, they were eliminating the true lowest. That seemed to have stopped with Sanjaya.

The ones who have been eliminated since the Lovely Haley, are the lowest of the guys, not the lowest overall. So Sanjaya was the lowest ranked guy, but still higher than Lakisha. Phil and Chris were the lowest guys when they got eliminated. But Phil was not in the bottom 3 muchless the bottom 2.

It seems that at a certain point the producers decided to take their little game a step further, and not just mess with the results by mixing the lowest guys with the lowest girls in the bottom 3, but by actually eliminating the lowest guy even when he wasn't the lowest overall!

Why are the boys messing with the show like this? In the case of Sanjaya, is it that they wanted Sanjaya off, or that they wanted Lakisha to stay? In the case of Phil, is it that they wanted Phil off, or they wanted Lakisha to stay? Are there other factors to consider? Maybe they just want to demoralise VoteForTheWorst?

Let's explore this a little. If they had let Lakisha go instead of Sanjaya, then it means there would have been 4 boys left and 2 girls. Also, it would mean Sanjaya would get to stay on an extra week since no one was taken out in charity week. Perhaps the producers thought it too much of a risk to have Sanjaya stick around so much longer. He would have been a real threat to make it into the top 4. Or maybe his presence on the show up until the top 7 was already making the show too much about him, making the show a joke. Remember that week Simon's comments to Sanjaya was something to the effect that the joke had gone on too long? Another factor not to be ignored is that the anti-American Idol site, VoteForTheWorst was getting a great deal of publicity. The founder of the site was even on the David Letterman show the night before Sanjaya got eliminated.

But why eliminate Phil? What did he ever do wrong? Well it is simple. Phil could have been a threat to Blake. It is obvious the producers want Blake to go far, probably even into the finale (though that is just stupid). Not only could they end up having another Taylor Hicks on their hands, with Phil surpassing Blake, but it would give more publicity to the VoteForTheWorst crowd, as Phil was their new pick.

Well I'll just list out possible factors to explain this outrageous behaviour of the producers:

1. They probably are trying to arrange a finale with Blake
2. They shudder at the thought of having to promote Phil or Sanjaya
3. They really wanted to discredit VoteForTheWorst
4. They have been trying to protect Lakisha for whatever reason
5. They want to thwart dialidol's predictions as well as those those who have been leaking insider info regarding the voting results. In other words, they want to keep their show as unpredictable as possible

Can you think of anymore? What do you think?

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