Ramiele Malubay -How Did She Make Top 9?

Many are wondering how come Ramiele was not sent packing last week (Top 10). Surely she was the weakest performing contestant of the round. Yet not only was she through to the next week, but she didn't even appear in the bottom 3? What gives?

Some theorize that because of her cuteness, sexiness, nice breasts etc. she has a strong enough fan base to make it possible to survive even after clearly deserving the elimination card. Could it be that her racy pics have worked in her favor? Or maybe it is that being of Asian descent has helped her garner the support of that racial group, making a very strong fan base. Or is it that people have seen some potential in her, and are keeping her in hoping to see her shine? Well the truth is, she has shown potential in some of the earlier rounds. She can definitely sing. However, let's not forget David Hernandez. He clearly has awesome potential, but with one bad week, he was dumped. So in all likelihood it must be more than this.

Folks, it is time to wise up! Undoubtedly Ramiele did get the lowest votes. A certain source revealed this, but even without special revelation, surely we all knew this intuitively. Just check the polls around to verify this. They were pretty much in agreement.

As I explained in the results show recap, instead of the one with the lowest overall votes being eliminated, it appears that the male with the lowest votes was chosen to leave. So why would the producers pull this stunt, you ask? Well first of all, don't think this is the first they have done it. As my theories and recaps here would attest, I have been saying this from last year during Season 6.

So why sacrifice Chickeze instead of letting go of the real bottom vote-getter? It is basically part of the strategy of the producers to have an entertaining show and to see that Syesha grows in popularity.

As it pertains to having an entertaining show, the producers know that key to that is keeping it unpredictable. When the various polls around unanimously say that Ramiele was the lowest, then it robs the show of the surprise element if they allowed her to go.

Regarding the building of Syesha's popularity, keep in mind that Syesha and Chickeze were the only remaining black contestants. This means there was some division of support from the black community. With Chickeze gone, Syesha now stands a chance of getting more support from this community. Also, know that Syesha most certainly was not in the bottom 3, much less the bottom 2! But by placing her in this group, the public is led to believe she is in danger, and so will probably vote harder for her.

But why help to promote Syesha? The simple fact is, Syesha has been improving since she hit the top 12, and she shows great potential. The further a contestant goes, the greater the marketability he/she has, generally speaking. However, Syesha was downplayed by the judges in earlier rounds, and so she didn't readily gain the love of the public. Now that she is highlighting her talent, the producers want to boost her chances of going further.

Why didn't Ramiele even appear in the bottom 3 even though she got the lowest votes? Most probably, the producers are trying to maintain the surprise value. Since people think she has such a strong fan base, they might become laxed in voting for her, and try to save other contestants instead. But the truth is, her fan base has already reached the limit. So if Ramiele were to get bumped off in the next round, it creates a shock sensation which of course is good for tv. This probably means that Ramiele will get the boot this week, unless she does extraordinary well. She and Kristy will be competing for the elimination spot.

Recap Top 10 Results Show

It's that time of week again when another contestant must leave the show. It is unfortunate that they drag it on for a whole hour. Well I'll cut to the chase (to some extent) and skip over the regular features such as the group song, which wasn't anything to talk about anyway, and the Ford video.

Again, Ryan re-uses the new process of identifying the bottom 3. The regular seats are empty, all contestants off stage, and then they are called in one by one and given the news. Recall that in my recap of last week's results show, I pointed out that you can tell certain people are safe once the first 2 of the bottom 3 are revealed. The rule to keep in mind is that Ryan will not select this 3 before going through the rundown of each contestant. Therefore all who are called after the first two are known, but before the last two overall, must be safe.

Chickezie is called first and is sent to sit on the scary stool. This is not really surprising, even though he sang well. Most of the other contestants simply were more memorable.

Brooke -safe. That is expected.

Carly -not pregnant! Apparently there was some rumour floating around that she was. Hopefully that should nip that in the bud. She also confessed that Simon was on to something when he noticed she was tense the night before. She was wearing something to try to make her look a little thinner. Anyway, she is safe.

David Archuleta, David Cook both safe.

Syesha -bottom 3! At this moment it became clear that more tricks were to come, for we know Syesha was not in the bottom 3. Also note that the next two contestants called must be safe, based on the analysis explained a little earlier.

Well even without our theorizing, we would know Michael Johns was safe, based on the mad reviews he got from the judges the night before. What was surprising though, was that Ramiele was called out next. Surely she got the lowest votes overall, yet she must be declared safe. As predicted by my theory, she is indeed. Now this is important. For based on another theory that they sometimes just select a gender and send the one with the lowest votes of that gender home, even if that person was not the lowest overall, this must mean that a guy is going home.

Before we get to proceed to the rest of the results, we are interrupted by some callers. The first one asked Chickezie if he is single. Yes he is. The next person asked David Archuleta why the hell (not her word choice) he chose that song, out of all the options. Well, he just loves it, and sorry Simon, but he really did select it himself. Next caller seems to have been put up to it by Simon. She asked him what it would take to get Ryan's job. Simon said the good thing is that his job doesn't require much talent. Another of Simon's little helpers asked him if he considers himself the most attractive on the show. He replied that it's not what he says, but what others say.

At this point Kimberly Locke is introduced. Recall that she came in 3rd place on Season 2, behind Ruben and Clay. Some things we learn about her -she opened a restaurant, and she lost some weight. She then graces the show with a performance. It was ok. Nothing spectacular. Certainly better than Blake's fiasco appearance earlier in the season. One thing -I hope she didn't pay for that hairdo. It didn't do much for her.

Finally we can get back to business. Jason and Kristy were called out. Since my theory said a guy would be going home, I was pretty sure Jason would appear in the bottom 3. Correct I was. Kristy must be feeling great, having been in the bottom 2 or 3 for what seems to be forever now.

Ryan talks to Jason, and Jason explains he had a feeling this would happen to him, but while he is mumbling on, Ryan announces that he is safe.

So it's down to Chickezie and Syesha. Well we know Syesha wasn't really in the bottom 3 at all, and given the above analysis, a guy was selected to go home. That means it's bye bye Chicki. And so it came to pass, Chickezie sang one last time before taking his exit. He sounded much better the previous night, which is understandable.

Chickezie should be pleased with himself. He lasted longer than he probably should have. He was certainly fortunate to outlast David Hernandez.

Recap Top 10

Finally the Beatles theme weeks are over and the show can go on. Things were getting a bit dull with such limited song choices. This week the contestants got to choose a song from the year in which they were born.

Up first was little Ramiele Malubay. In the childhood flashback we learn the somewhat amusing tidbit that she used to bite kids her age when she was around 3. I'm sure a number of guys would love to get a bite from her now (and maybe some girls too, especially since her racy pics would indicate that she might be willing to go that way).

Singing Alone, by Heart Ramiele sounded like she had potential. Unfortunately she kinda screwed things up pitch-wise as the song progressed. It was later revealed by the judges that she has not been well, so hopefully that's the reason. Randy thought it was the wrong song choice. Paula sympathised with the fact that she wasn't feeling well. Simon didn't think it was as bad as Randy made out, and that it was better than last week. He said she started out decently but was off in the middle, which is quite true. He expects her to be around next week. Well kind of a silly thing to say when this is the first contestant of the night. I think Ramiele is in serious danger of exiting after this.

Next contestant was Jason Castro. This guy is a complete enigma to me. I just don't understand the craze. True to form, he performed another dud. Back with the guitar again, but still nothing to get excited about. Randy thought it was nice, but said there was nothing vocally different about it. Paula said he played it safe, was in his niche, and stayed true to himself. Simon remarked that he now has two bad weeks, the guitar playing was clumsy and that he is just too laid back. While I am in general agreement with the judges, I find it strange that they felt this way, seeing that they had such high praise for him in other rounds when he did just as well/bad as he did tonight.

Syesha --She actually sang quite well. This girl is standing out more and more. I thought the song itself was a bit boring, but I commend Syesha for a lovely performance. Randy thought it was the best he ever heard from her. Paula told her it was pitch perfect and that she is now the dark horse. Simon said it was the best so far of the 3. However, he didn't like it as much as Randy. He said that she has a limit to her vocals, and that song stretched it.

Chickezie --Not bad. I am not a fan of this dude because he sounds too typical for my use. Randy thought it too old school, and boring. Paula disagreed and thought he did a great job. Simon said he sang it well, but the performance was cheesy, and lacked originality.

Brooke White --Oops! False start from Brooke. Nevertheless she was able to quickly compose herself and try again. It must have taken some skill to avoid complete disaster, and that she did. The first part of the song was great, but it somehow deteriorated later on. Randy didn't like the arrangement, but thought the first part was ok. Paula enjoyed this more than last week. Simon agreed with Randy that it probably would have been better without the band. He thought the first part was fantastic despite the mistake at the start, and concluded that she did enough to stick around another week.

Michael Johns --At first I was like, "what the hell?" But it turned out better than I expected. There were a number of parts I didn't like, but there were some pretty cool moments too. Randy felt this was his best performance since being on the show. I'm not so sure about that; I think one of his hollywood auditions was probably better. Paula thought he picked the right song, felt proud of him, and said it was fantastic. Simon said it was the first he has seen star potential in him, and up to this point of the night, thought it the only memorable performance.

Carly --When I knew she was doing Total Eclipse of the Heart, I was expecting some great things from her. Unfortunately I felt let down. There were parts to it that I thought were well done, but I find she tends to shout too much. Also, the last note seemed really off. She has a great voice and really doesn't need to try so hard. Randy didn't love it, just liked it and wasn't sure if this was the right song for her. He agreed with me about the last note. Paula differed, and believes Carly can sing any song and make her like it. Simon said something didn't quite work and thought she was too tense. He did say though that some parts were sung well. Carly later told Ryan that she had to go to the bathroom just before her turn and so she had to run back. So I guess she is saying that that could explain what appeared to be tenseness. (Ryan asked her if she flushed. lol!)

David Archuleta --I never heard this song he sang before, and apparently Randy and Paula were not familiar with it either. Nevertheless, he sang well. Randy said it was very nice. Paula said he can sing the phone book and we'd still love it. Simon felt it was good in parts but confessed that he didn't like the performance. He said it reminded him of a theme park performance, and that he would be shocked if David really chose that song for himself, as it doesn't seem to match him.

Kristy Lee Cook --This girl has been on the verge of going home a number of times now. It was imperative that she do something special this week to have any hope of surviving any longer. Well it seems she might have pulled it off. Singing God Bless The USA, was truly a smart thing to do, as Simon also later commented. This will certainly elicit the votes of the many sentimental and overly patriotic folks especially considering the debate on the Iraq war, and the fact that the USA seems on the verge of total collapse economically and otherwise. Kristy sang fairly well, so couple that with the song choice, and she should have a place secured for next week. Randy said that other than some pitch problems, it was a very good performance from her. Paula said she heard better from her before and warned her to watch the pitchiness. Simon said it was her best performance ever by a wide margin, and emphasised how clever the song selection was.

David Cook --Last, but certainly not least. This chap did the song Billy Jean, made so popular by Michael Jackson. But this version was VERY different. Amazingly, it sounded quite good. Normally when people change such well known songs around, it takes a while to get used to. But I felt drawn to this version from the start. Randy exclaimed that this was the most original, and that David might just be the one to win the whole thing. Paula was thrilled. She said he was smart, brave and willing to stretch the boundaries. Simon agreed he was brave. He said it could have turned out to be insane, or amazing, and for him, it was amazing!

All in all a pretty decent night. I would say David Cook took the show this round. Ramiele looks like she'll be going home. It is hard to tell who will stand with her in the bottom 3. But fighting for those positions will be Carly, Chickezie, Brooke and surely Jason Castro. Unfortunately Michael Johns got too much praise tonight to make it among this crowd. He needs to go soon though.

David Hernandez's Early Elimination

Why was David Hernandez eliminated so early?

The simple minded might be tempted to say it was because he got the lowest number of votes that night. One could even point out that his performance really wasn't all that, and was probably one of the worst for that week.

But look at David Archuleta. Objectively speaking, his performance that night was also one of the worst, forgetting lyrics a number of times, and just terrible. He wasn't even in the supposedly bottom 3. Well it's not hard to believe he had already developed a massive and loyal fan base by this time, enough to ensure his presence the following week.

Ok, but can we forget how badly Kristy Lee Cook did that week? Could America be so demented that they liked her better than Hernandez? It would be a sad state of affairs if that is the case, and no doubt forebodes the collapse of the USA. Forget terrorism. There is the more imminent threat of national stupidity.

In all serious though, this is David Hernandez we're speaking of here. Who could forget his previous spectacular performances? Surely he is allowed to err once. Just look at this:

(If you're not able to see the video above, use this link)

This alone should have convinced voters that this guy has huge potential, and is someone to keep around for a while. It makes the show more interesting, as you anticipate great things from this guy.

Now there is the matter of the gay strip joint scandal. Could it be that he lost so much of his support when the news of his past came out? Well Hernandez would prefer to believe that it was just a matter of poor song choice.

I personally don't think he would have lost so many votes to place him below Kristy, as a result of the scandal. What we must also remember is that in the pre-top 12 rounds, the guys were getting more votes than the girls. It is reasonable to assume then that the vote tally for the lowest guy in those rounds would have exceeded that of the lowest girl. This would make it more likely for a girl to first leave once the top 12 started.

So what really happened? Well here is my theory. Kristy did get the lowest votes. I also believe based on a certain source, that there was another girl who got lower than David Hernandez. However David was the lowest ranked among the guys. Like last season when the producers appeared to have been messing with us, it seems they are doing it again this year. It could be that they really didn't like the negative publicity that Hernandez was giving the show, and decided to make the lowest of the guys leave that round. If they allowed him another week, he might pull another Papa was a Rollin Stone, and sail through further than they were willing to tolerate. Best to nip this in the bud. And this way, they don't come across as the bad guys, as compared to if they had disqualified him.

That's my theory. If you have others, let us know.

Season 7 Recap Top 11 Results Show

The show begins with the announcing of the mentors for the upcoming programmes. Andrew LLoyd Weber is among them.

The idols did the traditional group performance live. Starting it off on a good note was the Achuleta kid. It took a dip when Jason and David Cook sang together. Jason brought down the quality, making it sound scratchy. When they showed Brooke and Ramiele, I was wondering if Rami was lip synching, because I could only hear Brooke.

Seems like Chicken Little was in the audience.

Recaps were next shown.

Time to start picking out the bottom 3. However there is new routine tonight. No contestants on stage, none seated. instead 3 empty seats on the left, and seats for everyone else on the right. The procedure tonight is to call each contestant out, remind audience of how things went, then declare whether the person is safe.

It is easy to understand why they are doing this. If you look around on this site, you'll see a theory about the seating arrangement. The fact is, you can pick out the likely candidates in the bottom 3 based on the seating, and the order Ryan calls them. So to make things a little less predictable, they use this format. It still has a blatant weakness though. Why/How? Well Ryan is not going to pick the bottom 3 before going through all the contestants. Therefore, once we have 2 of the bottom 3 identified, we know that all contestants after that up until the last two, are definitely safe.

Ok so the nervous Brooke is called first. But she is soon relieved when she learns she can take one of the good seats.

Carly is up next. Surely everyone is shocked when Ryan tells her she is in the bottom 3, and rightly so. Without doubt her true vote count did not put her in the bottom 3. The producers are messing with us again this year.

David A is in the top 10. Somewhat surprisingly, so is Michael Johns.

After a break we return to a scene of the idols making the ford video.

But getting back to business, David Cook is safe.

Kristy is called next, and we all know she is in the bottom 3. So it was painful listening to Ryan ask her about how she thinks she did the previous night. She actually thought her performance was her best on the show so far. But inevitably, she must take a seat beside Carly. No doubt Carly feeling a little more confident at this stage.

As I explained, everyone from here on must be safe until we get to the last two. So naturally Jason who is called next is safe. Ramiele who follows must also get good news.

We go to the new aspect of the show where Ryan takes calls from the public. The first caller asks Simon why he spends fo much money on cars but so little on clothes. Simon thought the question was rude since it implies that he looks terrible. (I thought he knew that). But his answer was basically that he doesn't have an ego, and doesn't put too much thought into what he's going to wear. That's reasonable.

The second caller asked Simon if he'd consider doing a sequel to the season 2 kiss he did with Paula. He said yes since to him Paula is a good kisser. Maybe Paula is not so eager to repeat it though.

After a couple more calls, we get some entertainment from Kellie Pickler. Surprisingly, she sounded quite good. That was a relief to me, as I was expecting it to be embarrassing, considering the calibre of talent this season.

We are then shown clips of Fantasia and Elliot Yamin in Africa.

Returning to why we are here tonight, Sayesha is called out, and it is no surprise that she gets her ticket to tour.

So we come down to Chickezie and Amanda. Ryan calls them on to the stage together. It's not long though before we are told that Chickezi is safe. Carly must be feeling pretty good at this stage seeing the company she is in. Surely she is not the worst of them. When Ryan tells one to take a seat, she knows she'll be the one.

Three are standing now.

Carly -safe! (duh!)

2 remain

Kristy, safe for another week! Ok, I correctly predicted the bottom 2, but was wrong on who would go. I don't mind though.

So Amanda is leaving -finally! Unfortunately we have to hear her sing the song again.

Recap Top 11

There was less to look forward to with this show, since David Hernandez was eliminated last week. Although there is still great talent left, the show has lost some of its appeal.

Unfortunately this was another week of Beatles songs. Up first was the highly overrated Amanda Overmyer. She sang Back in the USSR. I just don't get the fascination with this girl. Yes she is different, but in an annoying kind of way. I suppose her voice appeals to some, but its just not my taste, and she tends to sound out of tune often enough.

Randy gave her 7/10 and said it was a little pitchy at the start. Paula said it was a little sketchy and that she went a little ahead of the beat. But she did like her uniqueness. Simon gave the most accurate assessment when he said it was predictable, a mess in parts, same thing week after week and therefore she is in danger of becoming boring. I'd modify that to say she is already there.

Up next was Kristy Lee Cook. Recall that she was a complete disaster last week, and got lucky (too lucky if you ask me) to remain another round. Well she was better this time. Her singing is ok, but I found the performance a bit boring. Randy agreed that it was boring. Paula commented that it was the best she ever looked. LOL! Simon said she needed hypnosis as she is not a good performer. He thought the last two seconds were fine though, and he conceded it was better than last week. Kristy made it known that she hopes she'll be around longer as she believes she can blow Simon out of his socks.

David Archuleta. He expressed how badly he felt for forgetting the lyrics last week, and that he was glad it was Beatles week again so he could prove he could do well with their songs. David chose Long And Winding Road to re-establish himself. I thought he did really well. I loved it. I generally like this guy's singing, but sometimes he picks songs that don't quite click with me. This one worked though. Randy loved it. Paula - well I'm not quite sure what she was saying, but she liked it. Simon reminded us that last week he was a complete mess, but called this week's performance "Amazing" and a "Masterclass".

Michael Johns. This guy has a little potential as we saw in the earlier auditions. I thought there were some good points to his gig, but kinda weak overall. Randy thought he probably didn't choose the right song. Paula had a theory that his ear-piece might have interferred with his performance. Simon called it a mess, and thought the song went all over the place. Ryan then asked Michael about his ear-piece and we discover he isn't wearing one! There goes Paula's theory. Simon enjoyed pointing out how embarrassing that must have been for Paula.

Brooke White. Singing Here Comes The Sun, Brooke did not sound very good. Randy thought it was awkward. Paula liked the yellow (for the sun) Brooke was wearing, and also her low notes. Simon claims he knew she would wear yellow, and then proceeded to trashed her. To him, everything was terrible -the dancing, singing etc.

David Cook. This guy is decent, though approaching predictable. The song was a bit boring. Randy thought it was another solid performance. Paula said he was ready to go selling records, and she liked the voice box thing. Simon without missing a beat, promptly pulled David down a peg or two, and told him he didn't think it was as good as he (David) thought it was. He also commented that the element of surprise seems to be lost.

Carly Smithson -singing Blackbird. She sings well, has a good voice, but has not really chosen a good song that I think would show how great she really is. I suspect she could do some Celine Dion songs excellently. By the way, what the hell is with the hand waving in the audience whenever ballads or slow songs are being done?? Don't they get tired trying to keep their hands up? Randy said it was another great performance, very nice. Paula said she has an amazing tone, and thought the arrangement was beautiful. Simon didn't think it was a good song choice, said it was a bit indulgent. By the way, anyone notice that Carly tends to talk too much?

Jason Castro. This is another guy I just don't get. I wasn't impressed tonight, and quite frankly, he has never impressed me. Randy didn't really like it. Simon said it is a good thing this is a TV show and not radio. To his credit, Jason seemed to concede that his performance really wasn't so good.

Sayesha Mercado doing Yesterday. Surprisingly I thought she was quite good. Actually one of the best for the night. Maybe #2 behind David A. Randy agreed it was very good. Paula said "beautiful job". Simon said it was probably her best performance so far. He also commented that this song was probably what Brooke should have sung.

Chikezie. He has a decent voice. But he started messing the whole thing up with the harmonica. Am I the only one who thought he sounded as if was he saying his name when singing the line "She keeps calling"? Randy said there were some good points and some bad, and that it could possibly be a good country song. Paula liked it. Simon liked how it started, and concurs with me that it started going down hill with the harmonica. The word he used to sum up the whole thing was "gimmicky".

Ramiele Malubay. She wasn't as boring as last week, but I don't think she is living up to her potential. Randy said it was alright. Paula thought it was better than last week. Simon said it sounded like Chikezie on the harmonica...lol! He said it was amateurish, and the song itself was mediocre which did not allow her to show off her ability.

So that wraps up this week's performance show. Looks like the Kristy girl will be heading home. She rightly should have gone last week anyway. (I have my suspicions that David Hernandez got more votes than Kristy last week, but happened to be the lowest of the boys, and the producers decided that a guy would leave first). Amanda should also be in danger.

Top 12 Results Show : Re-Crap!

This is a complete disaster. The guy who should have won the whole thing got eliminated tonight. David Hernandez did a poor job on the performance night, but we have seen his skills and potential. He should have been kept.

Really, do people actually want to see more of Sayesha, or Christy Lee, or Amanda, or Johns, than David Hernandez? The American people are sick!

I am so pissed right now, I don't know when if at all I'll do the recap of the results show.

Season 7: Recap Top 12

While some are still upset that their guy or girl or girlguy didn't make it to this stage, the show must go on.

The theme for this week was the Beatles. Quite unfortunate actually, as that severly limited the number of good songs available. No doubt this is what caused the contestants to appear subpar for the most part. If it were not for the few nice performances and Paula disagreeing with Randy twice, the show would have been a complete flop.

I have categorised the performances tonight into Ho-Hummers, Disappointing, Poor and Good to Great.


A number of contestants fit this category this round. Generally speaking, Chikezie, Christy Lee and Michael Johns belong here. True to form, they gave some real yawners. I almost fell asleep during Michael's showing. What was surprising was the judges giving such high ratings to Chikezie. I think his performance last week was better.

Joining these three this week are Ramiele, Jason and Sayesha. Of these three, Ramiele is the only one I personally am disappointed in. So it was a bit of a toss up whether to place her here, or in the Disappointing lot. I believe this girl has potential but suffered from poor song selection. The judges generally agreed with this assessment.

Without doubt, the most highly overrated character this season is Jason Castro. I don't get what the judges see in him. He is ok. But I haven't been wowed by any of his performances.

Sayesha clearly has her moments, such as last week. But she doesn't really stand a chance to the other talented folks, and will always appear second class to a number of the contestants. She might very well belong among the Ho-Hummers in general.


David Hernandez I think is probably my favourite vocalist this year. I've been impressed with him from the start and thought Simon was a bit retarded not to have recognised this guy's talent from earlier on. However, I was not at all excited by his act this week. A real disappointment! True, he had to make do with such a limited selection of songs, but he could have done better, as demonstrated by other contestants.

David Archuleta. This chap was also disappointing. He is quite talented and likeable, and I want to see him do well, even though I would prefer Hernandez to win. But forgetting lines, being boring, well it's just too much. Even the judges took him to task for all this and more.


Amanda Overmyer - VoteForTheWorst's sweetheart! Well she surely did not disappoint that crowd tonight. Really, Amanda should have been out of the competition a couple weeks ago. To her credit, she did do really well last week to make it to the top 12. But she is just out of her league. I did not like her performance at all. I thought it sounded really off in a number of places. Well at least she still has the judges giving her all the boost she can get. Paula was blown away,

Randy liked it, and Simon said she is a breath of fresh air even though he agreed she wasn't as good as last week.

Good To Great

Thankfully a few of the contestants managed to shine. Carly is generally good, and like Simon, I believe she has had a problem choosing the right song. Even tonight, I am not sure if this was the best selection she could make, but she still gave a good showing. The judges agreed, and perhaps were a bit more enthusiastic than I.

David Cook was somewhere close to excellent. He is another consistent chap. Though he is not my favourite, I don't have much complaints about him. Very nice voice, and always interesting.

Brooke's performance was enjoyable. There is something special about her voice that makes her so endearing.

Bottom 3

Well that's it for this recap. I am not quite sure who to place in the bottom 3. But I would not mind seeing Amanda, Michael, Chikezie, Jason or Sayesha being among them. As to who is going home, well as long as it is one of them, then all will be well.