David Hernandez's Early Elimination

Why was David Hernandez eliminated so early?

The simple minded might be tempted to say it was because he got the lowest number of votes that night. One could even point out that his performance really wasn't all that, and was probably one of the worst for that week.

But look at David Archuleta. Objectively speaking, his performance that night was also one of the worst, forgetting lyrics a number of times, and just terrible. He wasn't even in the supposedly bottom 3. Well it's not hard to believe he had already developed a massive and loyal fan base by this time, enough to ensure his presence the following week.

Ok, but can we forget how badly Kristy Lee Cook did that week? Could America be so demented that they liked her better than Hernandez? It would be a sad state of affairs if that is the case, and no doubt forebodes the collapse of the USA. Forget terrorism. There is the more imminent threat of national stupidity.

In all serious though, this is David Hernandez we're speaking of here. Who could forget his previous spectacular performances? Surely he is allowed to err once. Just look at this:

(If you're not able to see the video above, use this link)

This alone should have convinced voters that this guy has huge potential, and is someone to keep around for a while. It makes the show more interesting, as you anticipate great things from this guy.

Now there is the matter of the gay strip joint scandal. Could it be that he lost so much of his support when the news of his past came out? Well Hernandez would prefer to believe that it was just a matter of poor song choice.

I personally don't think he would have lost so many votes to place him below Kristy, as a result of the scandal. What we must also remember is that in the pre-top 12 rounds, the guys were getting more votes than the girls. It is reasonable to assume then that the vote tally for the lowest guy in those rounds would have exceeded that of the lowest girl. This would make it more likely for a girl to first leave once the top 12 started.

So what really happened? Well here is my theory. Kristy did get the lowest votes. I also believe based on a certain source, that there was another girl who got lower than David Hernandez. However David was the lowest ranked among the guys. Like last season when the producers appeared to have been messing with us, it seems they are doing it again this year. It could be that they really didn't like the negative publicity that Hernandez was giving the show, and decided to make the lowest of the guys leave that round. If they allowed him another week, he might pull another Papa was a Rollin Stone, and sail through further than they were willing to tolerate. Best to nip this in the bud. And this way, they don't come across as the bad guys, as compared to if they had disqualified him.

That's my theory. If you have others, let us know.

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