Recap Top 10 Results Show

It's that time of week again when another contestant must leave the show. It is unfortunate that they drag it on for a whole hour. Well I'll cut to the chase (to some extent) and skip over the regular features such as the group song, which wasn't anything to talk about anyway, and the Ford video.

Again, Ryan re-uses the new process of identifying the bottom 3. The regular seats are empty, all contestants off stage, and then they are called in one by one and given the news. Recall that in my recap of last week's results show, I pointed out that you can tell certain people are safe once the first 2 of the bottom 3 are revealed. The rule to keep in mind is that Ryan will not select this 3 before going through the rundown of each contestant. Therefore all who are called after the first two are known, but before the last two overall, must be safe.

Chickezie is called first and is sent to sit on the scary stool. This is not really surprising, even though he sang well. Most of the other contestants simply were more memorable.

Brooke -safe. That is expected.

Carly -not pregnant! Apparently there was some rumour floating around that she was. Hopefully that should nip that in the bud. She also confessed that Simon was on to something when he noticed she was tense the night before. She was wearing something to try to make her look a little thinner. Anyway, she is safe.

David Archuleta, David Cook both safe.

Syesha -bottom 3! At this moment it became clear that more tricks were to come, for we know Syesha was not in the bottom 3. Also note that the next two contestants called must be safe, based on the analysis explained a little earlier.

Well even without our theorizing, we would know Michael Johns was safe, based on the mad reviews he got from the judges the night before. What was surprising though, was that Ramiele was called out next. Surely she got the lowest votes overall, yet she must be declared safe. As predicted by my theory, she is indeed. Now this is important. For based on another theory that they sometimes just select a gender and send the one with the lowest votes of that gender home, even if that person was not the lowest overall, this must mean that a guy is going home.

Before we get to proceed to the rest of the results, we are interrupted by some callers. The first one asked Chickezie if he is single. Yes he is. The next person asked David Archuleta why the hell (not her word choice) he chose that song, out of all the options. Well, he just loves it, and sorry Simon, but he really did select it himself. Next caller seems to have been put up to it by Simon. She asked him what it would take to get Ryan's job. Simon said the good thing is that his job doesn't require much talent. Another of Simon's little helpers asked him if he considers himself the most attractive on the show. He replied that it's not what he says, but what others say.

At this point Kimberly Locke is introduced. Recall that she came in 3rd place on Season 2, behind Ruben and Clay. Some things we learn about her -she opened a restaurant, and she lost some weight. She then graces the show with a performance. It was ok. Nothing spectacular. Certainly better than Blake's fiasco appearance earlier in the season. One thing -I hope she didn't pay for that hairdo. It didn't do much for her.

Finally we can get back to business. Jason and Kristy were called out. Since my theory said a guy would be going home, I was pretty sure Jason would appear in the bottom 3. Correct I was. Kristy must be feeling great, having been in the bottom 2 or 3 for what seems to be forever now.

Ryan talks to Jason, and Jason explains he had a feeling this would happen to him, but while he is mumbling on, Ryan announces that he is safe.

So it's down to Chickezie and Syesha. Well we know Syesha wasn't really in the bottom 3 at all, and given the above analysis, a guy was selected to go home. That means it's bye bye Chicki. And so it came to pass, Chickezie sang one last time before taking his exit. He sounded much better the previous night, which is understandable.

Chickezie should be pleased with himself. He lasted longer than he probably should have. He was certainly fortunate to outlast David Hernandez.

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