Recap Top 10

Finally the Beatles theme weeks are over and the show can go on. Things were getting a bit dull with such limited song choices. This week the contestants got to choose a song from the year in which they were born.

Up first was little Ramiele Malubay. In the childhood flashback we learn the somewhat amusing tidbit that she used to bite kids her age when she was around 3. I'm sure a number of guys would love to get a bite from her now (and maybe some girls too, especially since her racy pics would indicate that she might be willing to go that way).

Singing Alone, by Heart Ramiele sounded like she had potential. Unfortunately she kinda screwed things up pitch-wise as the song progressed. It was later revealed by the judges that she has not been well, so hopefully that's the reason. Randy thought it was the wrong song choice. Paula sympathised with the fact that she wasn't feeling well. Simon didn't think it was as bad as Randy made out, and that it was better than last week. He said she started out decently but was off in the middle, which is quite true. He expects her to be around next week. Well kind of a silly thing to say when this is the first contestant of the night. I think Ramiele is in serious danger of exiting after this.

Next contestant was Jason Castro. This guy is a complete enigma to me. I just don't understand the craze. True to form, he performed another dud. Back with the guitar again, but still nothing to get excited about. Randy thought it was nice, but said there was nothing vocally different about it. Paula said he played it safe, was in his niche, and stayed true to himself. Simon remarked that he now has two bad weeks, the guitar playing was clumsy and that he is just too laid back. While I am in general agreement with the judges, I find it strange that they felt this way, seeing that they had such high praise for him in other rounds when he did just as well/bad as he did tonight.

Syesha --She actually sang quite well. This girl is standing out more and more. I thought the song itself was a bit boring, but I commend Syesha for a lovely performance. Randy thought it was the best he ever heard from her. Paula told her it was pitch perfect and that she is now the dark horse. Simon said it was the best so far of the 3. However, he didn't like it as much as Randy. He said that she has a limit to her vocals, and that song stretched it.

Chickezie --Not bad. I am not a fan of this dude because he sounds too typical for my use. Randy thought it too old school, and boring. Paula disagreed and thought he did a great job. Simon said he sang it well, but the performance was cheesy, and lacked originality.

Brooke White --Oops! False start from Brooke. Nevertheless she was able to quickly compose herself and try again. It must have taken some skill to avoid complete disaster, and that she did. The first part of the song was great, but it somehow deteriorated later on. Randy didn't like the arrangement, but thought the first part was ok. Paula enjoyed this more than last week. Simon agreed with Randy that it probably would have been better without the band. He thought the first part was fantastic despite the mistake at the start, and concluded that she did enough to stick around another week.

Michael Johns --At first I was like, "what the hell?" But it turned out better than I expected. There were a number of parts I didn't like, but there were some pretty cool moments too. Randy felt this was his best performance since being on the show. I'm not so sure about that; I think one of his hollywood auditions was probably better. Paula thought he picked the right song, felt proud of him, and said it was fantastic. Simon said it was the first he has seen star potential in him, and up to this point of the night, thought it the only memorable performance.

Carly --When I knew she was doing Total Eclipse of the Heart, I was expecting some great things from her. Unfortunately I felt let down. There were parts to it that I thought were well done, but I find she tends to shout too much. Also, the last note seemed really off. She has a great voice and really doesn't need to try so hard. Randy didn't love it, just liked it and wasn't sure if this was the right song for her. He agreed with me about the last note. Paula differed, and believes Carly can sing any song and make her like it. Simon said something didn't quite work and thought she was too tense. He did say though that some parts were sung well. Carly later told Ryan that she had to go to the bathroom just before her turn and so she had to run back. So I guess she is saying that that could explain what appeared to be tenseness. (Ryan asked her if she flushed. lol!)

David Archuleta --I never heard this song he sang before, and apparently Randy and Paula were not familiar with it either. Nevertheless, he sang well. Randy said it was very nice. Paula said he can sing the phone book and we'd still love it. Simon felt it was good in parts but confessed that he didn't like the performance. He said it reminded him of a theme park performance, and that he would be shocked if David really chose that song for himself, as it doesn't seem to match him.

Kristy Lee Cook --This girl has been on the verge of going home a number of times now. It was imperative that she do something special this week to have any hope of surviving any longer. Well it seems she might have pulled it off. Singing God Bless The USA, was truly a smart thing to do, as Simon also later commented. This will certainly elicit the votes of the many sentimental and overly patriotic folks especially considering the debate on the Iraq war, and the fact that the USA seems on the verge of total collapse economically and otherwise. Kristy sang fairly well, so couple that with the song choice, and she should have a place secured for next week. Randy said that other than some pitch problems, it was a very good performance from her. Paula said she heard better from her before and warned her to watch the pitchiness. Simon said it was her best performance ever by a wide margin, and emphasised how clever the song selection was.

David Cook --Last, but certainly not least. This chap did the song Billy Jean, made so popular by Michael Jackson. But this version was VERY different. Amazingly, it sounded quite good. Normally when people change such well known songs around, it takes a while to get used to. But I felt drawn to this version from the start. Randy exclaimed that this was the most original, and that David might just be the one to win the whole thing. Paula was thrilled. She said he was smart, brave and willing to stretch the boundaries. Simon agreed he was brave. He said it could have turned out to be insane, or amazing, and for him, it was amazing!

All in all a pretty decent night. I would say David Cook took the show this round. Ramiele looks like she'll be going home. It is hard to tell who will stand with her in the bottom 3. But fighting for those positions will be Carly, Chickezie, Brooke and surely Jason Castro. Unfortunately Michael Johns got too much praise tonight to make it among this crowd. He needs to go soon though.


Anonymous said...

David Cook's version of Billie Jean is not his - so it wasn't original.

Unknown said...

True, it wasn't original. The judges should not have given the impression it was. But Ryan did give credit to Chris Cornell when introducing David Cook, so the keen listener would have noted that.