Recap Top 11

There was less to look forward to with this show, since David Hernandez was eliminated last week. Although there is still great talent left, the show has lost some of its appeal.

Unfortunately this was another week of Beatles songs. Up first was the highly overrated Amanda Overmyer. She sang Back in the USSR. I just don't get the fascination with this girl. Yes she is different, but in an annoying kind of way. I suppose her voice appeals to some, but its just not my taste, and she tends to sound out of tune often enough.

Randy gave her 7/10 and said it was a little pitchy at the start. Paula said it was a little sketchy and that she went a little ahead of the beat. But she did like her uniqueness. Simon gave the most accurate assessment when he said it was predictable, a mess in parts, same thing week after week and therefore she is in danger of becoming boring. I'd modify that to say she is already there.

Up next was Kristy Lee Cook. Recall that she was a complete disaster last week, and got lucky (too lucky if you ask me) to remain another round. Well she was better this time. Her singing is ok, but I found the performance a bit boring. Randy agreed that it was boring. Paula commented that it was the best she ever looked. LOL! Simon said she needed hypnosis as she is not a good performer. He thought the last two seconds were fine though, and he conceded it was better than last week. Kristy made it known that she hopes she'll be around longer as she believes she can blow Simon out of his socks.

David Archuleta. He expressed how badly he felt for forgetting the lyrics last week, and that he was glad it was Beatles week again so he could prove he could do well with their songs. David chose Long And Winding Road to re-establish himself. I thought he did really well. I loved it. I generally like this guy's singing, but sometimes he picks songs that don't quite click with me. This one worked though. Randy loved it. Paula - well I'm not quite sure what she was saying, but she liked it. Simon reminded us that last week he was a complete mess, but called this week's performance "Amazing" and a "Masterclass".

Michael Johns. This guy has a little potential as we saw in the earlier auditions. I thought there were some good points to his gig, but kinda weak overall. Randy thought he probably didn't choose the right song. Paula had a theory that his ear-piece might have interferred with his performance. Simon called it a mess, and thought the song went all over the place. Ryan then asked Michael about his ear-piece and we discover he isn't wearing one! There goes Paula's theory. Simon enjoyed pointing out how embarrassing that must have been for Paula.

Brooke White. Singing Here Comes The Sun, Brooke did not sound very good. Randy thought it was awkward. Paula liked the yellow (for the sun) Brooke was wearing, and also her low notes. Simon claims he knew she would wear yellow, and then proceeded to trashed her. To him, everything was terrible -the dancing, singing etc.

David Cook. This guy is decent, though approaching predictable. The song was a bit boring. Randy thought it was another solid performance. Paula said he was ready to go selling records, and she liked the voice box thing. Simon without missing a beat, promptly pulled David down a peg or two, and told him he didn't think it was as good as he (David) thought it was. He also commented that the element of surprise seems to be lost.

Carly Smithson -singing Blackbird. She sings well, has a good voice, but has not really chosen a good song that I think would show how great she really is. I suspect she could do some Celine Dion songs excellently. By the way, what the hell is with the hand waving in the audience whenever ballads or slow songs are being done?? Don't they get tired trying to keep their hands up? Randy said it was another great performance, very nice. Paula said she has an amazing tone, and thought the arrangement was beautiful. Simon didn't think it was a good song choice, said it was a bit indulgent. By the way, anyone notice that Carly tends to talk too much?

Jason Castro. This is another guy I just don't get. I wasn't impressed tonight, and quite frankly, he has never impressed me. Randy didn't really like it. Simon said it is a good thing this is a TV show and not radio. To his credit, Jason seemed to concede that his performance really wasn't so good.

Sayesha Mercado doing Yesterday. Surprisingly I thought she was quite good. Actually one of the best for the night. Maybe #2 behind David A. Randy agreed it was very good. Paula said "beautiful job". Simon said it was probably her best performance so far. He also commented that this song was probably what Brooke should have sung.

Chikezie. He has a decent voice. But he started messing the whole thing up with the harmonica. Am I the only one who thought he sounded as if was he saying his name when singing the line "She keeps calling"? Randy said there were some good points and some bad, and that it could possibly be a good country song. Paula liked it. Simon liked how it started, and concurs with me that it started going down hill with the harmonica. The word he used to sum up the whole thing was "gimmicky".

Ramiele Malubay. She wasn't as boring as last week, but I don't think she is living up to her potential. Randy said it was alright. Paula thought it was better than last week. Simon said it sounded like Chikezie on the! He said it was amateurish, and the song itself was mediocre which did not allow her to show off her ability.

So that wraps up this week's performance show. Looks like the Kristy girl will be heading home. She rightly should have gone last week anyway. (I have my suspicions that David Hernandez got more votes than Kristy last week, but happened to be the lowest of the boys, and the producers decided that a guy would leave first). Amanda should also be in danger.

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