Season 7 Recap Top 11 Results Show

The show begins with the announcing of the mentors for the upcoming programmes. Andrew LLoyd Weber is among them.

The idols did the traditional group performance live. Starting it off on a good note was the Achuleta kid. It took a dip when Jason and David Cook sang together. Jason brought down the quality, making it sound scratchy. When they showed Brooke and Ramiele, I was wondering if Rami was lip synching, because I could only hear Brooke.

Seems like Chicken Little was in the audience.

Recaps were next shown.

Time to start picking out the bottom 3. However there is new routine tonight. No contestants on stage, none seated. instead 3 empty seats on the left, and seats for everyone else on the right. The procedure tonight is to call each contestant out, remind audience of how things went, then declare whether the person is safe.

It is easy to understand why they are doing this. If you look around on this site, you'll see a theory about the seating arrangement. The fact is, you can pick out the likely candidates in the bottom 3 based on the seating, and the order Ryan calls them. So to make things a little less predictable, they use this format. It still has a blatant weakness though. Why/How? Well Ryan is not going to pick the bottom 3 before going through all the contestants. Therefore, once we have 2 of the bottom 3 identified, we know that all contestants after that up until the last two, are definitely safe.

Ok so the nervous Brooke is called first. But she is soon relieved when she learns she can take one of the good seats.

Carly is up next. Surely everyone is shocked when Ryan tells her she is in the bottom 3, and rightly so. Without doubt her true vote count did not put her in the bottom 3. The producers are messing with us again this year.

David A is in the top 10. Somewhat surprisingly, so is Michael Johns.

After a break we return to a scene of the idols making the ford video.

But getting back to business, David Cook is safe.

Kristy is called next, and we all know she is in the bottom 3. So it was painful listening to Ryan ask her about how she thinks she did the previous night. She actually thought her performance was her best on the show so far. But inevitably, she must take a seat beside Carly. No doubt Carly feeling a little more confident at this stage.

As I explained, everyone from here on must be safe until we get to the last two. So naturally Jason who is called next is safe. Ramiele who follows must also get good news.

We go to the new aspect of the show where Ryan takes calls from the public. The first caller asks Simon why he spends fo much money on cars but so little on clothes. Simon thought the question was rude since it implies that he looks terrible. (I thought he knew that). But his answer was basically that he doesn't have an ego, and doesn't put too much thought into what he's going to wear. That's reasonable.

The second caller asked Simon if he'd consider doing a sequel to the season 2 kiss he did with Paula. He said yes since to him Paula is a good kisser. Maybe Paula is not so eager to repeat it though.

After a couple more calls, we get some entertainment from Kellie Pickler. Surprisingly, she sounded quite good. That was a relief to me, as I was expecting it to be embarrassing, considering the calibre of talent this season.

We are then shown clips of Fantasia and Elliot Yamin in Africa.

Returning to why we are here tonight, Sayesha is called out, and it is no surprise that she gets her ticket to tour.

So we come down to Chickezie and Amanda. Ryan calls them on to the stage together. It's not long though before we are told that Chickezi is safe. Carly must be feeling pretty good at this stage seeing the company she is in. Surely she is not the worst of them. When Ryan tells one to take a seat, she knows she'll be the one.

Three are standing now.

Carly -safe! (duh!)

2 remain

Kristy, safe for another week! Ok, I correctly predicted the bottom 2, but was wrong on who would go. I don't mind though.

So Amanda is leaving -finally! Unfortunately we have to hear her sing the song again.

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