Season 7: Recap Top 12

While some are still upset that their guy or girl or girlguy didn't make it to this stage, the show must go on.

The theme for this week was the Beatles. Quite unfortunate actually, as that severly limited the number of good songs available. No doubt this is what caused the contestants to appear subpar for the most part. If it were not for the few nice performances and Paula disagreeing with Randy twice, the show would have been a complete flop.

I have categorised the performances tonight into Ho-Hummers, Disappointing, Poor and Good to Great.


A number of contestants fit this category this round. Generally speaking, Chikezie, Christy Lee and Michael Johns belong here. True to form, they gave some real yawners. I almost fell asleep during Michael's showing. What was surprising was the judges giving such high ratings to Chikezie. I think his performance last week was better.

Joining these three this week are Ramiele, Jason and Sayesha. Of these three, Ramiele is the only one I personally am disappointed in. So it was a bit of a toss up whether to place her here, or in the Disappointing lot. I believe this girl has potential but suffered from poor song selection. The judges generally agreed with this assessment.

Without doubt, the most highly overrated character this season is Jason Castro. I don't get what the judges see in him. He is ok. But I haven't been wowed by any of his performances.

Sayesha clearly has her moments, such as last week. But she doesn't really stand a chance to the other talented folks, and will always appear second class to a number of the contestants. She might very well belong among the Ho-Hummers in general.


David Hernandez I think is probably my favourite vocalist this year. I've been impressed with him from the start and thought Simon was a bit retarded not to have recognised this guy's talent from earlier on. However, I was not at all excited by his act this week. A real disappointment! True, he had to make do with such a limited selection of songs, but he could have done better, as demonstrated by other contestants.

David Archuleta. This chap was also disappointing. He is quite talented and likeable, and I want to see him do well, even though I would prefer Hernandez to win. But forgetting lines, being boring, well it's just too much. Even the judges took him to task for all this and more.


Amanda Overmyer - VoteForTheWorst's sweetheart! Well she surely did not disappoint that crowd tonight. Really, Amanda should have been out of the competition a couple weeks ago. To her credit, she did do really well last week to make it to the top 12. But she is just out of her league. I did not like her performance at all. I thought it sounded really off in a number of places. Well at least she still has the judges giving her all the boost she can get. Paula was blown away,

Randy liked it, and Simon said she is a breath of fresh air even though he agreed she wasn't as good as last week.

Good To Great

Thankfully a few of the contestants managed to shine. Carly is generally good, and like Simon, I believe she has had a problem choosing the right song. Even tonight, I am not sure if this was the best selection she could make, but she still gave a good showing. The judges agreed, and perhaps were a bit more enthusiastic than I.

David Cook was somewhere close to excellent. He is another consistent chap. Though he is not my favourite, I don't have much complaints about him. Very nice voice, and always interesting.

Brooke's performance was enjoyable. There is something special about her voice that makes her so endearing.

Bottom 3

Well that's it for this recap. I am not quite sure who to place in the bottom 3. But I would not mind seeing Amanda, Michael, Chikezie, Jason or Sayesha being among them. As to who is going home, well as long as it is one of them, then all will be well.

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