Recap Top 5 Results Show

Each week a new season record in votes seems to be set. This time over 45 million were cast!

The show kicks off with the traditional group song where they do a tribute to Neil Diamond. Jason sucked.

Gina Glocksen and Constantine in audience. They're doing some show together.

Ryan proceeds to give a two and a half minute look at last night. Conspicuously absent from this recap is Paula's humongous blunder. Nevertheless, just after, Ryan does put in a word about Paula to dispel rumours. He affirmed that they love Paula and she's part of the family. I just wish Ryan would have made it clear exactly what rumours he was trying to dispel.

Time for some results. Jason is called first and is declared safe. Safe?? Why??

Archuleta is next called. After Ryan engages him in some small talk, the kid is sent to safety. David looks genuinely shocked that he is safe. What's wrong with this guy?

Then to fill some time while helping to boost Nigel's other show, a preview is shown of So You Think You Can Dance.

David Cook's turn to hear what Ryan has in store for him comes. Safe. Of course. This means that it has come down to Syesha and Brooke.

After a break, Natasha Bedingfield graces the stage and does a number. It was ok, but not an impressive song. Natasha started to leave the stage once finished with Ryan's questions, but turns back and runs over to meet david archuleta. She was polite and greeted the other contestants too.

We now come to the caller segment. The highlight of this section is no doubt the last caller. Some woman calls in and asks simon which is more memorable, his kiss with Paula, or his first ever kiss with her, when he was 9. Simon seems genuinely surprised that it really is his first crush on the phone. He remembers her name. He asks if she's still cute. Ryan asked her if simon is a good kisser, she hesitates, which causes a huge bout of laughter from Paula and audience, as that speaks for itself. Paula asks her if she's over the rabies...she said yes, and she's had a lot of counselling. A genuinely hilarious exchange.

Ford video

Neil Diamond is then invited to sing a song. The first several moments of the song sounded like talking. Actually, most of it sound so. Ryan asked Neil if the judges were fair with contestants last night. Neil hesitates a bit, and says they were a little harsh, but generally right.

Now back to Syesha and Brooke. Ryan doesn't drag it out. Contestant leaving us tonight is Brooke (said very quietly and gently), who then promptly starts to ball. But she knew it was her. Truth be told, she should have been eliminated some weeks back. I guess this paves the way for Jason to exit.

Brooke does her final number, but first apologises for how awful it would sound. Awful it was, even forgetting lyrics twice, but we understand.

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