Recap Top 5

Welcome to top 5 week!

With just 5 contestants left, there is sufficient time for each to do 2 songs. The theme is Neil Diamond songs.

Varying from the norm, the judges won't comment at the end of each performance, at least for the first round. After the second song they'll be invited to comment on both performances.

First up for the night was Jason. Neil Diamond thought he'd bring them both off very well. I thought he was forgettable and essentially unimpressive, but it was one of his better performances.

David Cook followed shortly after. Neil said he got goose bumps listening to him. He also liked that he selected two songs that are less well known. Has no doubt that he will do good. Well I think this is one of Cook's worst acts. Not good at all.

Brooke White -Neil was pleasantly surprised with Brooke making one of the songs her own. It was ok, better than last week. No halting after starting.

Archuleta -Neil hoped that he'd take some suggestions to heart, and expected him to do great. I personally thought Archuleta was pretty good.

Syesha -Neil thought she did a wonderful job in the rehearsals. He was very pleased. I would say she did excellent! Very nice pure voice.

Ryan then brought out all the contestants and asked the judges for quick comments on each.

Randy thought Jason was just ok but better than last week. Cook he said was very good and in the zone. Brooke -better than last week, still a little karaoke. Archuleta - the bomb. Syesha -in the zone, strong but not amazing.

Paula -LOL! -She was so obviously unprepared to give feedback at this stage. Starting with Jason, she said of his first song that she loved hearing his lower register which we normally don't get to hear. Then she started commenting on his "second" song, saying that his usual charm wasn't there. She even went on to say how the two songs together gave her the impression that he wasn't fighting hard enough to get into the top 4. (Listening carefully, you could hear laughter in the background). Randy had to break it to her that Jason only did one song. What an emabarrassment! She then claimed one set of notes was meant for David Cook, who she said was fantastic. But based on her original comments, I don't see how she managed to get fantastic out of any of that.

Simon said Jason was forgettable. Cook above average. Brooke a nightmare. Archuleta amateurish, and Syesha old fashioned.

2nd round

Jason - Unfortunately it didn't really start. But this is what we've come to expect from the chap.
Randy said it was just ok, definitely not the best. Paula was disappointed. She said it was safe, and that he needs to get outside his comfort zone. Simon thought he wasn't recognisable at the moment. He went on to say there was no attempt to make the arrangement his own and both performances were forgettable.

David Cook - It was a bit boring but better than first song, much better. Amazing how he can go from one extreme to the other. Randy's response was that he's a huge david cook fan right now. For him, David rocked the house. Paula was proud of him, liked that he picked 2 less familiar songs and pulled them off. She remarked that she felt as if she was looking at the next american idol Simon said his first song was ok and the second brilliant. He commented that he actually made the song feel like it was written this year.

Brooke -Not bad. Not bad at all. Randy exclaimed "that's the brooke I like"! He liked her behind the piano, showing all the flaws etc. To sum up, he her told nice job Paula liked that she showed her vulnerability and connects with the audience. Simon really really hated the first song. For the second, he said this is the Brooke we like, and that it was a million times better than first. "Well done".

Archuleta singing America-pretty good! Randy said that for a young man, he was definitely in the zone and another good performance. Paula thought it was the perfect song for him to sing. She wants to see him have fun though. Simon remarked that it was a smart choice of song. "It ticked all the boxes", he said.

Syesha -I don't think her second song, Thank the Lord for the Nighttime, was really a good song choice. Randy said it was "in the zone". Paula said a lot of crap, but the bottomline is that she liked Syesha's two songs. Simon said she is a very good actress/singer. However, he believes she may be in trouble tonight because her second song wasn't really memorable like most of the other contestants.

Well once again our bottom 2 are Jason and Brooke. It's all up to the producers now. It's time for Jason to go. Please. Let it be.

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