Recap Top 6 Results Show

This week there were over 38 million votes, no doubt the highest for the season. Of course they are mostly useless, since we know the show must be rigged.

In introducing Simon, Ryan kisses Simon's head and naturally, everyone is surprised, and Simon seemed quite taken aback.

The group song, All I ask of You was then performed with Andrew Lloyd Webber himself on piano.

After highlights of the previous night, Ryan has a little interview with Webber on stage. Webber said he felt it for Brooke because in the dress rehearsal she was flawless. Asked about whether the contestants took his advice, he made a remark to the effect that Jason didn't. He went on to express his bewilderment on Jason's song choice, calling it "most curious". He also said he didnt want to have to agree with Simon. Ryan asked Andrew what name he would choose for a love song for Simon and Paula. Andrew suggested Time to Say Goodbye or How Can I say I miss you if you won't go away.

After the break, we come back to the Ford video where they were singing that song Danny Noriega sang before getting eliminated Tainted Love.

We then have a little clip from Bush and his wife relating to Idol Gives Back, to fill the time.

Finally we get to what we're about. Only bottom 2 to be shown tonight.

We start with the Davids. Ryan asks Cook about how come he sang the song straight. He said the unpredictable thing to do was to not change it up. Both are declared safe. Was there really any doubt about this outcome?

We are then given a rundown of contestants from past seasons who are into broadway now. The list includes Tamyra, Digarmo, Fantasia, Lakisha and Clay Aiken.

A guest performer, Leona Lewis, is then invited to sing on stage. Apparently Simon was the one who discovered her and she is now on top of the charts. She sings a song called Bleeding Love. Well she can sing, but I wasn't impressed with the song.

Now we come to Syesha and Brooke. We know one must be in the bottom 2, since Ryan never makes it known who the bottom are until he does all recaps of each contestant. When Brooke is announced as safe, she apologies to Syesha, but Syesha tells her not to. Of course we know Brooke should rightfully take a bottom 2 seat. Either the producers decided to save her again, or she managed to capture a ton of sympathy votes. Either option is possible. So the first bottom dweller for the night is Syesha.

The final two are Jason and Carly. Ryan recalls how pleased Simon was with the Carly's performance, and if you listened carefully you'd have heard Simon say in response to that, "probably the kiss of death". Jason is safe. Pure crap!

Ryan asks the judges what they think of these results. Simon suggests Brooke is safe because she made herself human and implied that people understand that we all make mistakes. For Jason, he said he wasn't good, but was charming.

Carly sings, followed by Syesha.

After the break, Ryan reveals that Carly is the one to go home. While Carly might have deserved to go in earlier weeks, this was not the week for her. She did much better than Brooke and Jason. But it could be that the song she sang wouldn't really go down so well with many Christians. Or it could really have been Simon's kiss of death. I personally think too many people felt sorry for Brooke, and wasted their votes to save her instead of giving Carly her due.


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