Recap Top 6

Theme for the top 6 week is music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. No doubt, this is the week you've all been waiting for. Everyone is familiar with the great music composed by this man, like Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Evita and so much more. The contestants surely have a plethora of great songs to choose from. Quite unlike the Beatles weeks.

Asked by Ryan how difficult he thinks this week is, Randy said he and Simon think this will be the toughest.

Up first is Syesha. Apparently she was eager to reach this stage as she loves the broadway genre. Webber thinks she could possibly "bring thehouse down". This wasn't a song I'm familiar with, and not a song I would have wanted to hear out of all the options. But it certainly was a great performance. Randy felt this was her best performance. Paula believes she did bring the house down. Simon exclaimed it was very sexy! He agrees with Randy that it was one of her strongest performances and said she showed a lot more personality which we haven't see before.

Jason Castro -Memory. Webber didn't seem too impressed with the kid, and I guess for good reason. Jason did probably worse than he's ever done. The problem is that this is such a great song that we all know how it should be sung, so to hear this lifeless version was a total fiasco. This guy has overstayed his welcome on the show. Randy said it was a little bit of a train wreck, musically and vocally speaking. Paula said a lot of people so used to hearing this song by a female power balladeer, but still thinks this was a good choice since it allows him to distinguish himself. Bottomline is Paula struggled with a lot of words to try to compliment the poor kid. Simon said it felt like the longest 2 minutes of his life. Also that it sounded like a kid who was forced by his parents to sing a particular song.

Brooke White -Singing You Must Love Me. Webber thought she finally got it after coaching her a little. At first he said she didn't have a clue what she was singing about. He said she was a great actress, hoped she could keep it up, and if she did, she might have something that's not been seen before. Well Brooke certainly showed us something we've not seen before, certainly not on American Idol at this stage of the game. She forgot the lyrics shortly after starting, stopped dead in her tracks with a sad look on her face, and then asked the band to start over. WOW! Incidentally she did have a false start in an earlier round, but that wasn't as bad as this. The problem now is that we the audience are so tense now, that we can't enjoy her performance. No doubt it affected her too, as she seemed to be struggling to overcome the initial blunder. Well she had even more reason to plead with America to love her, as the title of the song says.

(Is this who we think it is?)

Randy said it wasn't great, but some parts were good after she finally got started. Paula took a long pause before making her comments. She advised her not to ever start and stop. She liked the fact though that she didn't over act. Simon said this is why he loves live TV. He thought that her boo-boo worked against her as it made her very tense throughout, and her voice was straining. He said this is a tricky one and believes she'll be very disappointed when she looks back at it. By the way, the other judges disagreed with Paula about not ever starting over.

David Archuleta -Andrew's only advice to David was to keep his eyes open. David apparently has the habit of closing his eyes while singing. While David sang well, I was disappointed. I expected better of him, and I thought that tonight of all nights, with such a theme, he would have been most outstanding. Randy "knew" this would be a big night for him and thought it was the bomb! He also said David is the one to beat. Paula thought it was perfect. Simon said it was pleasant, but one of his weakest performances. Just not memorable.

Carly Smithson started singing All I Ask of You in her rehearsals with Andrew. But he counselled her to change the song because he didn't think that one was suited for her big voice personality. So she chose Jesus Christ Superstar instead. The background music to the real performance was a little too loud. I'm not familiar with this song, so it didn't appeal to me much. However, I thought she did quite well for the most part. She did some shouting but not enough to make it bad. Randy said it was definitely good, but wasn't quite sure if it was her best performance. He liked her outfit though. Paula loved it, and thought it was so unexpected. She also "loved" what she did with the chorus. Simon remarked that other than the fact that it got a little shouty in the middle, it was one of his favourite performances for the night. Carly then went and fetched a t-shirt with the print "Simon Loves Me (this week)".

David Cook -singing Music of the Night. Webber felt David had the potential to make this work, but David must let himself go. This is a good song that David selected. There wasn't much originality to his rendition, but this is ok, as the original is just fine. He didn't do a bad job. Some might even say quite good. Randy again made the point that if you can really sing, you can sing anything, and David proved it. He thought it was an amazing vocal performance and unbelievable. Paula said this proves he's just well rounded as a performer and that it was fantastic. Simon commented that he made most of the song, but this wasn't the side of him he likes. He prefers the edgy gritty aspect of his voice and performances.

Without question, Jason and Brooke were the worst of the night. This must be hard on Brooke to do so crappy two weeks in a row now. Also, no doubt hard on the producers too, who ensured Brooke was saved last week (See Why Sac Kristy? How Brooke Managed to Escape!). They're probably having second thoughts about doing that now. Anyway, let's hope Jason goes. It certainly is about time! Well the producers will do what they will to do. You must do what must be done: Don't vote!

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