Recap Top 7 Results Show

First we learn that we had a season high record of almost 36 million votes cast.

Group song of Mariah's One Sweet Day performed. Kristy sounded real good.

After the highlights of the previous night are given, Ryan calls Jason Castro out on the stage. He then tells him to start a group to one side of him.

David Cook called next, but told to start a group on the opposite side of Jason. Ok, so we pretty much know based on past seasons, that Ryan will most likely divide the contestants into two groups of threes and then ask the remaining guy to choose the group that is safe. But having David Cook and Jason in different groups...well this should be interesting. Of course I believe Castro should rightly be in the bottom 3, but we know America wouldn't allow that.

Carly who is next to be placed, is told to join Jason's group. No doubt they wanted us to think that that group was the bottom 3.

Kristy's turn comes, and Ryan tells her to join David Cook. Well surely she must be feeling quite ok since we know for sure David C is safe.We get interrupted at this juncture with commercials and the Ford video.

Elliott Yamin graces the stage with his presence. He sang a song that didn't really sound good. No disrespect to his voice. It was just a poor choice of songs. Elliott lost his mom in the last few days. We're sorry about your loss, Elliott.

Getting back to business, Syesha is told to join Jason and Carly. Oh dear, things not looking good for poor Syesha at this moment.Brooke is then directed to David Cook's group.

Once again we get interrupted with some calls. Some questions were pure crap. One Meagan called in and told Paula she is the Meagan from some show, but Paula's expression betrayed the fact that she had no clue who it was. There was one caller who questioned Kristy about some horse. Apparently Kristy sold a horse to be able to get to American Idol. However, she tried to buy it back, but the guy refused to sell.

Mariah Carey came on and did a little number. Like Elliott, poor song choice.

Now David Archuleta is told to come forward. It's not too long before he is announced as safe. But then Ryan pulls a new stunt! He makes David Cook switch places with Syesha. Then he asks David Archuleta to join the group that is safe.

Being diplomatic about it, the youngster sits down. But it was obvious at this point which group was the bottom 3. C'mon folks, we have one group consisting of Syesha, Brooke and Kristy, and the other group containing David Cook and overrated Jason -it's a no brainer. Ryan confirms it shortly after, and so we are left with three girls standing as the bottom 3.

As you know I predicted that Brooke would be in grave danger this week even before she performed, so I was figuring she would be exiting. But then I realised there was no piano in sight! When a contestant leaves, they have to do their performance again. Since Brooke used the piano, they would have had to have had a piano for her if she was scheduled to leave. So I had a bad feeling for Syesha and Kristy.

When Syesha was declared safe, it seemed for a moment that Brooke really was leaving. But then we know the producers don't like results that are too predictable, so I knew there was little chance it would be Brooke.

Ryan then called the person who was safe, and named Brooke. It was then confirmed; American Idol is a real sham! No way Kristy was the lowest vote getter. No way! She wasn't even in the real bottom 3, so my sources say. The producers sacrificed Kristy to keep Brooke in. Wonder why? Well stay tuned until I post my theory for this!

Meanwhile, Kristy sings to Simon on her way out. Congrats girl! You managed to grow on us.

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