Recap Top 7

The contestants get to have Mariah Carey as a mentor this round as they sing her songs. Apparently Mariah has the record for the most number 1 hits for a single artist.

Ryan pointed out that judges always say not to sing superstar songs, so asked them how they would judge tonight. Basically they don't want to hear them trying to sound like Mariah.

First up was the very talented David Archuleta. Mariah listened to David and thought his rendition was really moving. She advised him to go into his falsetto even if just for a little. I thought David did very fine. I liked his falsetto. Randy was a little worried about tonight because of boys singing girls songs. But his response to David's performance was "that was the bomb baby!" Paula said he made Mariah proud, very proud. Simon knew that he would choose this song and thought it was very very good.

Up next was Carly. Mariah felt she was more than doing it justice. Carly sounds decent, at least better than most of her other performances. We should also note that Carly's arms were covered up. A lot of people keep complaining about her tattoo. well she gave these folks a reprieve this week. Randy said it was pretty good, but wants more confidence demonstrated in the lower range. Paula liked the fact she showed some vocal restraint at the beginning of the chorus. Simon said he really wanted to hear Carly sing this song and now we have a direct comparison between her and Mariah. Unfortunately he didn't think Carly pulled it off. He feels she is over thinking everything.

Syesha with the song Vanishing -Mariah thought it was amazing. I liked it. I said before that Syesha has been growing on me. She is probably my favourite female remaining now. Randy liked that she is bold and goes for it every week. He believes she did a good job all things considered. Paula had a long preamble before she managed to say that overall tonight was unbelievably magical for her. Simon said technically it was very very good indeed. However he thought it was risky at this stage of the competition to choose a song people don't really know.

Brooke White singing Hero - Mariah thought it was a good choice. Listening keenly one gets the impression that Mariah sees Brooke as one of the weaker ones. I thought Brooke was ok, but nothing really original. Also, towards the end she kinda deteriorated a bit. Randy liked the fact that she brought the "whole singer/songwriter" look. I have no idea what he's talking about. He also noticed some weakness toward the end. Paula said she sounded really good except for a few off notes. Simon said it was a bit like ordering a hamburger and only getting the bun! LOL!! Brooke's expression betrayed her shock and perplexity. "Surely it wasn't that bad" she thought.

Kristy Lee Cook -Forever Mariah liked that she chose this song since not too many people know it. She also said she got goose bumps listening to Kristy. Wow. Well listening to Kristy didn't seem to impact me as it did Mariah, however, I do think she did a good job. The fact that the song is not too well known could work against her since people tend to be drawn to what is familiar. Randy didn't think it was amazing as there were some pitchy notes in the first part, but toward the end she really hit the notes. Paula was blown away. Simon started leading Kristy to agree that she wasn't too happy when she found out it was Mariah Carey week. Kristy said she was just happy that she gave her chills. Simon said she didn't give him chills, that it was a little whiny in parts, wasn't great, but she did what she could. There wasn't any need for Simon to be so harsh unless he is trying to get Kristy eliminated this week. She was decent.

Ramiele in audience

David Cook singing Always Be My Baby -Mariah was surprised David chose this song. I wasn't impressed; I prefer the original. That's not to say it wasn't ok. Randy exclaimed that more than anyone else on the show, David is ready to make an album. He also gave him a standing ovation, which he says is his first for the season. Paula remarked that it could be a movie soundtrack. Simon commented that it was like coming out of karaoke hell into a breath of fresh air. He also complimented him on taking risks. After all that, David couldn't hold back some tears.

Jason Castro - Mariah gave the kid some melody tips. Again, Jason did another non-starter. This fellow is just dead set against singing out. Randy didn't really love it. Paula liked it and even thought it amazing. Whatever. Simon uncharacteristically agreed with Paula. He did say it wasn't the best vocal though. Overall Simon felt the boys did a much better job than the girls.

The weakest for the night was without doubt Brooke. Carly will probably show case in the bottom 3 or 2. Kristy took a risk by singing a not so familiar song, so she is liable to appear in the bottom group too. However I do believe the producers have agreed to release Brooke.

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