Recap Top 8 Results Show

After a somewhat exhausting break with the Idol Gives Back special, it is back to business. Time for someone to pack their bags and go!

First however, is a recap of the charity special. Naturally it is a bit lengthy considering it was a long show (2.5 hours -that's a lot of commercials!).

Over 31 millions votes cast. Apparently this is the highest for the season.

Time to get some results now. It's the now regular routine with empty sofa and 3 empty seats. Our first revelation is of Brooke. Ryan mentioned something emotional going on with her and she explains her sister is getting married this weekend and she won't be able to be there. Then she realises that this is the results show and she just might get to go home after all. Alas, Ryan tells her the unfortunate news, that she is safe, which means she will miss the wedding.

Next up is David Cook who walks quite humbly on to the stage, looking quite sheepish, knowing that he really did poorly and stands a chance of going home. No doubt he also recalls Simon calling him pompous, and so must not make Simon look right. When Ryan asks him how he feels, all he could muster up was "either way". Well the lucky bastard is safe! Truth be told, even though he did the worst this round, he has done enough to prove his right to remain in the show. So it's good the producers decided to keep him on.

David Archuleta called to face the music. Well he's safe. We all knew that anyway. Moving on...

A little spill over from the charity show takes our attention to Africa. Things are really bad in some parts over there. I hope you all gave a lot.

We then get treated to a performance by Jordin Sparks (she won American Idol last year btw) and some guy named Chris Brown. A decent little gig I admit. After that, some folks come on stage to present Jordin with some tokens to mark her success. Apparently she has items that has had over 1 million downloads. This is supposed to mean that American Idol works. Ok, but what happened with Taylor Hicks?

It's now Jason Castro's turn to hear his result. At this point he must be thinking that with just 5 contestants including himself left to be seated, that the probability is quite high that he'll have to take a bad seat. But it was not to be. This guy has escaped again!

Kristy is called next, and this is when I was quite sure that they would leave the bottom 3 for last. It had crossed my mind earlier, but I couldn't be sure. Kristy is safe (amazing how far she's come considering she should rightly have gone from the top 12 week)

Just before the break, Ryan asks who will have the lowest vote count, and if you had a sharp eye, you'd have noticed Carly raising her hand. She clearly knew she deserved to go.

I should mention that there were some clips by the presidential candidates.

So our so called bottom 3 is Michael, Carly and Syesha. Well if you read my recap of the performance show, you'll see I didn't even mention Syesha as being in any danger, so I knew she was ok. Carly no doubt was the bottom vote getter. However, as I said, Michael was also in danger, depending on whether the producers decided to let a guy go.

Ryan asked Randy what he thought. Randy said it was a pretty surprising bottom 3. Asked if she thinks America got it right, Paula says partly.

Well when Ryan called Syesha and Carly together, it was clear that Michael was the chosen one.

I must say I'm not at all sorry to see him go. As I've said, his style doesn't suit me. A girl will go home next week. Good chance it will be Brooke. But I guess there's still time to change the future!

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