Recap Top 8

So we are down to 8 contestants.

This is Idol Gives Back week. Tomorrow will be the special show with all the supposedly big names. The results will be aired on Thursday.

The theme for the night is Inspirational songs, in the spirit of Idol Gives Back

First up was Michael Johns singing Dream on by Aerosmith. I didn't like it. I guess I don't fancy this guy's style. Only once which was during the hollywood auditions was I ever impressed with him. Randy thought it was a good song choice but said there were some pitch problems. Paula couldn't disagree more. To her it was the perfect song, and felt that it sounded as good as he looks. As a guy, I don't see anything special with his looks, so maybe Paula meant he sang just ok. I can accept that. Simon said it was a very good perfomance, but didn't like the impersonation of a rock star, and felt it was a little bit wannabee-ish.

Syesha -Performed I Believe by Fantasia I would say she did pretty good. I think I've heard more impressive from her, but this was still good quality. Randy said it was just ok and thought she didn't have the special connection that Fantasia seems to have. Paula believed this was hands down one of her most shining nights. Simon acknowledged that technically she sang it very well. However, like Randy, felt that it lacked the big wave of emotion that Fantasia communicates when she sings it.

Jason Castro - I confess that each time Jason steps up to sing, I think to myself, "this joker" . Well this week he sang an obscure version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. While it was ok, and even decent in parts, it is pretty much the same non-starter every striking week! Random Randy exclaimed that Jason Castro is back and that it was hot! Paula commented that he has the most definitive sound, and overall thought he did a great job. Simon thought it was fantastic. The judges must be trying their best to keep this kid in the show.

Kristy Lee Cook sang Anyway, by Martina McBride. I liked it. Randy made the remark that there were a couple pitch moments, but confessed that he loved it, and that it was really good. Paula said she "out did" herself by far, and thought it was her best. Simon admitted that she was very very good indeed and even added that this night she looks like a star.

David Cook - I thought this was his worst performance ever. From the start it forbode disaster. Randy seems to agree with me but apparently wanted to go easy on him so just said he wasn't sure if this was his strongest. Paula just loved it and thought it was just as comparable to previous weeks. (But then Paula just might be on something this week). Simon didn't like it much at all, and felt it was a bit pompous. Apparently the white jacket was a problem to him too. But he hit the nail on the head when he said very plainly that this wasn't anywhere near as good as the last two weeks.

Carly - Singing The Show Must Go On, unfortunately. It didn't do much for me. Could be song choice. Randy said it started good, got pitchy in the middle and ended just ok. Paula thought Carly's voice was pretty perfect, but didn't feel the connection. Simon made sure to first compliment Carly's look. He criticised her for that last week, so its understandable that he'd want to follow up on that. He told her though that it was an unusual choice of song, that she over-sang it and that it came across as an angry performance, which wasn't quite in keeping with the night's theme, and that she could be in danger after that. Carly shed some light on what happened when she explained that in the middle of the song she saw Simon's face and apparently that caused her to lose the thread.

David Archuleta - On the piano reminding us of his versatility. It was ok. I thought his top 9 performance was much better. Randy said it was the hottest moment of the whole season. A strange comment I would say. Paula summed it up as fantastic. Simon said it was the best song choice of the night though not his best vocal, as he felt it was a bit nasal.

Brooke White - Ok, I thought she was Ok. Randy agreed it was ok, and didn't think it was her best. Paula remarked that it was the perfect song to close the show (which says nothing about how well she thought Brooke did), and that she has a definitive voice. Simon compared the performance to a pleasant walk in the park. He said it was not original, but it was pleasant.

Now we have to wait a couple nights to see which ones the producers have decided to let go, since there is special Idol Gives Back interlude show. If they decide to let a girl go, it would probably be Carly or Brooke. If it is a guy, then it would have to either be Jason or Michael even though David Cook probably did the worst.

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