Recap Top 9 Results Show

Kicking off the top 9 results show was the group singing 9 to 5.

After some highlights of the previous night, Ryan gets right down to business when he points to the empty sofa. It seems this has become standard procedure now, though Ryan tends to change things up as the number of contestants decreases.

First to be given news is Michaels Johns. Safe.

David Archuleta up next. I don't think anyone had any doubts of his position in the top 8. So no surprise here.

Carly, as Ryan said, is no stranger to the bottom 3, but she is safe this time.

At this stage it is time to take some calls. I'm not sure what I think of this added segment. Seems more like a waste of time so far. Pretty much most if not all the questions were boring and elicited like manner responses. The only question which had some entertainment value really, was the last one for Simon, where he was asked why he feels the need to apologise after giving negative critique. Simon apologised and said he'd never do it again. Yeah right! Can a leopard change its spots? But in fact, when Simon says he's sorry after giving brutal feedback, he is really saying he's not sorry at all.

There was a performance by some Clark brothers at this stage. What crap! Who paid to get these guys on the show? Good grief!

Ford music video followed.

Back to results. David Cook called. Ryan mentions that David was taken to the hospital just after the performance show. David explained that he had high blood pressure. Other news reports say he had some anxiety problems. Well thankfully he seemed ok tonight and even more so after being declared safe.

Ramiele up next. It was inevitable for her to be sent to the bottom 3 seats. After all, 4 contestants were already called before, and each one in succession declared safe. Just based on probability, it would be too much to hope she could escape being in the bottom. But she had a lot more going against her too, as I've made clear on this site.

Kristy's turn. A keen mind could accurately predict she'd be chosen to keep Ramiele company. I won't go into it here, but it has nothing to do with her performance.

At this point we got to catch up with Buckeye, Phil Stacey and Bo Bice. The former two are happy doing Country music. Bo explained he had intestinal surgery, and took a year off. But he's now doing Southern Rock.

As it pertains to the results, we have Syesha, Brooke and Jason remaining to hear their news. Since only one must be in the bottom 3, it was obvious that Syesha whose turn was next would be safe. And so it came to pass.

So either Brooke or Jason is safe. It wasn't too long before we knew that Brooke is indeed in the so called bottom 3. If you ask me, Jason was really in the bottom 2.

(Ramiele is really short!)

Ryan asks Simon what he thinks of the bottom dwellers. Simon said he totally agrees. Simon is so full of it. Without doubt, Jason deserved to be in that group, in place of someone else.

We get an interlude here to promote the Idol Gives back week which is to come. This time they highlighted some work they have done in Ethiopia. A touching story was told of a young girl seeking to be reunited with her sister, and ending happily when the Idol team found her.

Dolly Parton graced the American Idol stage, and surprisingly sounded really bad. I am tempted to say "horrendous", but I will restrain myself. After her unfortunate performance, in her little chatter with Ryan, she said Simon tells the truth. What does that say about what Dolly really thought about the "bottom 3"?

Ok, now back to serious business. Ryan asks Randy who he thinks will go home. Randy forthrightly proclaims Ramiele as the one. Simon is asked the same question, but perhaps trying to be more tactful, or maybe just trying not to be wrong, just says the obvious, that Brooke would not be going home.

And surely, Brooke is safe.

Kristy stands next to Ramiele. Anyway, as I predicted, Ramiele takes the plunge. Don't be too sad folks, if they went solely by votes, she'd have gone from last week. So be thankful that you got her for another week.

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