Season 7 - Best talent?

The current Season 7 of American Idol is being touted as the best yet with the most talented top contestants in the history of the show? Is this really so, and if yes, why?

Well it's not too difficult to determine the veracity of the assertion. We know season 2 with Clay Aiken was better than season 1. We also know that no other season since has compared with the second. Let's check it.

Season 3 where Fantasia won was ridiculous. It did have Jennifer Hudson, Latoya London, Amy Adams and George Huff. But even with these, it couldn't come close to a cast with Clay Aiken, Trenyce and Carmen Rasmusen.

Season 4 was another joke. Bo Bice?? Please. While Carrie Underwood is ok, she is highly overrated. Fortunately for her there is a strong country fan base in the south. Still this season did star Anthony Fedorov, and Vonzell Solomon who should have rightly gone further than Carrie. Yet we must agree that Clay and his co-stars outshadowed this set of talent.

Season 5 had Elliot Yamin. I have no special love for Daughtry, but he is quite talented. Taylor Hicks winning that year was most unfortunate. There were however talents such as Mandisa and Paris Bennett. This season was not too bad talent-wise, but I think we can agree that it still trailed behind Clay and company.

Season 6 was surely the most attrocious. Who could forget Sanjaya Malakar, the worst top 12 contestant ever, maybe even the worst ever of the top 24! Then there's that Blake Lewis character with his side-kick Chris Richardson. If you don't think Blake is all that bad, just review his guest appearance performance earlier in this season 7. It was horrible! The best of this season no doubt were Melinda, Jordin, Lakisha and the Lovely Haley Scarnato who was most underrated. Anyway, season 6 was nothing to talk about.

Now Season 7 we actually have an assortment of real talent. First and foremost must be David Hernandez. Of course there are David Archuleta and David Cook too. Brooke is also decent, and Carly is talented, even if she hasn't learnt how to be appealing yet. So objectively speaking, this season does seem to edge out the good ole' days of season 2. I doubt any talent on this season surpasses that of Clay, but in terms of the variety and quality of talented folks, I must agree that this season tops them all.

So what happened this year? How did AI manage to go from worst (season 6) to best in just one year? That's quite a swing. Well naturally I have my theory and I invite you to post yours too. But I think mine is correct. Here goes...

Recall that last season was a massive disaster with Sanjaya Malakar. There were also other notable misfits too, such as Antonella Barba. The top 12 for the most part was just plain lame. The votefortheworst crowd were in candy land with such a wide variety of assortments. They could easily pick a candidate that everyone would agree was out of place, even if not necessarily the worst.

With the advance of Malakar so far into the competition, votefortheworst got more out of hand than the AI producers would care to admit. Naturally AI guys hate votefortheworst and truly want to see its demise. Well they certainly did some questionable things last season to undermine their nemesis, in their attempt to do damage control. However, the real solution is to nip the problem in the bud.

This season they acted early and crippled the votefortheworst regime from the start, by ensuring to send only talented folks through to the top 24. Even Amanda who seemed somewhat out of place, had some decent moments. Who would blame the AI governors for not wanting a repeat Sanjaya Malakar phenomenon? They realised their mistake last season and did the right thing. They realised that sending musical weaklings in the ring with the big boys doesn't pay off in the long term, even if it is entertaining for a while. Votefortheworst is left with no real contestant to pick, and so their support has gone down the drain. But the upside is, we end up with a cast that is above par.

The AI producers realised they did a crap job last season in selecting contestants, and they decided that a repeat blunder was out of the question. No doubt votefortheworst helped them to see the light.

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