Why Sac Kristy? -How Brooke Managed to Escape!

After the last results show (ie. Top 7 results), it should be clear to all now, and not just those of us with perceptive skills, that American Idol results are rigged! Oh yes, there can be no doubt about it. Kristy was not the lowest in the vote tally; Brooke most definitely was. So why did the producers sacrifice Kristy to keep Brooke? My theory follows. You are welcomed to post your own, but I think mine is right.

You regular readers of this site will know that I have been exposing the American Idol scam for what it is, for over a year now. This season alone they dumped David Hernandez and Chickeze prematurely. The most blatant underhanded act thus far though, is no doubt the elimination of Kristy instead of Brooke.

How could they think we would not notice? After all, everyone knew Brooke did the worst. The various polls out there had Brooke going home. DialIdol predicted Kristy as safe, and had Brooke as the most likely to go! Could DialIdol be that wrong? I don't think so! On top of all that, my insider source revealed that Brooke indeed was the least popular, and Kristy was not even in the bottom 3!

So why are the producers screwing around so wildly? Two reasons. One, they need to desperately avoid being predictable. If everyone can easily predict who is going home, then the show will quickly lose ratings as people become bored with it. Since everyone knew Brooke was to go, they just could not bring themselves to letting her go. That's the producers' way of spitting in your face. The other reason they seem to be behaving so unscrupulously, is so they can kill votefortheworst. If they're going to mess with the results, why not get rid of the votefortheworst pick? That's exactly what they did. So for the less discerning mind, votefortheworst looks really ineffective.

Well folks, keep alert. Don't be duped. Best thing to do to teach the producers a lesson, is just stop voting.

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