Recap Grand Finale

After what seems like ages of American Idol Season 7, we finally come to the end.

For some reason there was an unprecedented number of votes for the grand finale performance. Sure we expect the previous record to be broken, but by more than 20 million?? 97.5+ million votes folks!

This final episode was filled with a number of performances, featuring the likes of the Top 12, Donna Summer, Jimmy Kimmel, Gladys Knight, Carrie Underwood, among others. One of the biggest highlights for me was the return of the white suit guy who sang the "I am your brother" song.

This recap will mainly be of a pictorial nature. I think this years finale was much better than last years. One reason is that last year there was no doubt who the winner was, while this year it was always dubious. Also, the line-up of performances for the occasion was generally more interesting, though it was mixed with the boring and nice.

First main item was a group performance by the reunited top 12 with contestants from So You Think You Can Dance. (Wow! Did anyone else totally forget about Amanda?)

The two Davids perform together. The clown on the right is supposed to be the Love Guru

Syesha with some guy. Castro doing Hallelujah.

The two Davids being told they have each been given a Ford Hybrid

The top 6 girls do some Donna Summer stuff. Then Donna herself joins them on stage.

Carly Smithson and Michael Johns do a duet. Carly sounded really good, and Michael wasn't half bad.

Top 6 boys performing, doing a nice job. Brian Adams comes out to join them.

Brooke White and some guy (Grand Ash?) doing a duet

Remember this character? They brought him back! Paula and Randy joined him on stage along with the nice girls.

Jordin Sparks
(left) and Carrie Underwood (right), two previous American Idol winners. Jordin was ok. The only highlight of Carrie's performance was her legs!

George Michael. This guy put me to sleep.
I actually missed the announcing of the winner because of him.

Just before the results are divulged, Ryan asks the judges for their finals words. Simon apologises to David (Cook?) because he bordered on being disrespectful to him. He admitted it wasn't so clear cut when he watched over the show the night before. He also said he didn't really care which one won as they're both good.

Finally we get to what the show is really supposed to be about -the revealing of the winner. Ryan declares Cook the new American Idol, winning by over 12 millions votes. So my calling the result from last night turned out to be just wrong. I guess with my calling it coupled with Simon's declaring it a knock-out, the public decided to vote extra hard for Cook and it paid off. I should also note, that this could be the only result that can be vouched for.

Naturally Cook is overwhelmed by emotion and breaks out into tears. After he composes himself, he sings the final song as the show ends.

In one sense it seems the season has been going on forever. Yet at the same time, it seemed to have gone by so fast. I had an abundance of theories to post, but things kept going by so fast. Well I'll see what I can do. Perhaps I can still post some. I'm sure you'd be interested to know why this will probably be the last ever American Idol season.

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