Recap Top 4 Results Show

It's another routine results show. This time it is to determine who will be in the top 3. However, I think we all know already. This is one results show where it would have been best to just wrap it up in ten minutes.

As per tradition, there was the opening group song. Then there were the recap highlights of the previous night. Naturally, they focused on Jason's fiasco forgetting lyrics and just being plain awful.

The empty seats were shown and Ryan announces that it will be filled with the top 3. The four contestants are then shown off stage.

Ryan calls David Archuleta first. It seems obvious that the person called first and even second must be safe, so no surprise when Ryan tells David he can take a seat.

Idols take a trip to some Beatles Cirque du Soleil thing.

David Cook called next and is of course safe.

Syesha and Jason are then asked to come onto the stage. But it's too early to get the final result, so we take a break.

The ford video follows.

Next on the agenda is the phone calls segment. some weirdo wants a date with David Cook when he performs in Pittsburgh sometime in July which coincides with her birthday. A woman asked why Simon hasn't been knighted by the queen. Clearly Simon paid the woman to call. Another one of Simon's little helpers called in to suggest he could play James Bond.

We are then "treated" to a performance by Maroon 5. To be quite frank, it was a waste of time. They brought this group on before in a previous season, so it's strange that they still brought them back.

As if we weren't tortured enough having to listen to the previous performer, Bo Bice takes the stage. Listening to him, I was like, What the hell? Pure crap! Do people actually pay to hear this sort of thing? I hope not.

Finally time for results. Ryan gives a Rundown of Jason's and Syesha's performances. Jason said he did pack his bags. Anyway, Ryan announces that Syesha is in the top 3. So long Jason. It's about time! For once the producers were forced to go along with the public vote. It should be like this every week so the producers can quit their little games.

(Before singing his departure song, Ryan commented that he looked relieved. Jason admitted that that was true as they would be singing 3 songs next week, and he probably would have freaked out, since he can't even handle two.)

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