Why The New Judge!

American Idol Season 8 has begun!

The first noticeable major change is the addition of the new judge Kara Dioguardi. Certainly a nice looking girl, and she seems to have a strong track record of success when it comes to writing hit songs.

But the question we at idoltheory are concerned with, is why?
Just what are the producers up to now? Is it simply to add something new, just to spice things up, make it more interesting?

Or, is this the start of the phasing out of another judge, like Paula (especially Paula), or Simon? People tend to be tired of Paula, and we know Simon said sometime back that he wanted to stop doing the programme, I think by 2010 (I stand to be corrected).

Well for now, it seems Paula is the one in danger, but I suppose as the season unfolds, we might get a better idea of what the plan is. Of course we might never find out, as my own personal feeling is that there won't be American Idol after this year. Actually I thought last season was going to be the last. Quite frankly, I am surprised they are back. But more on that later.

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