Highlights: Top 13

This won't be my traditional recap. In fact, I will probably have few of those this season, but we'll see. I will simply feature a few highlights here, and when I say highlights, I don't necessarily mean positive. These are just some things that I want to focus on.

One of the things that has been evident this season is the changing up of expected routines. For eg. We have a 4th judge. We have judges not necessarily giving feedback in the customary order. We have 36 contestants in the semi-finals. We have the wild card concept brought back, but with a different twist. We have 13 finalists. And tonight, we had the judges and Ryan introduced in a new way. This time instead of judges found in their seats at the start, they appear before the audience, introduced by a new voice, who then also introduces Ryan. These things are important to note for students of American Idol who might want to propose new theories.

Ok, now to the actual contestants. (This is Michael Jackson theme week btw). I'll only feature a few. First one I want to highlight is the blind guy Scott Macintyre. I didn't really like his song choice. But he was ok. Simon also didn't like the choice. Scot started explaining that he chose it because he wanted to be artistic. Simon said artistic is fine, but just not on this show. LOL! Kara pointed out that he only learnt this song on the piano this week. That is impressive. I'm sure this kid will be around next week.

Anoop Desai
A great disappointment. He tried his hand at Beat It. But I really wasn't impressed. Quite a let down really. Unfortunately for Anoop the judges agreed with me. Simon insisted that Paula go first, and it was obvious why she didn't want to. She actually said it was karaoke. Simon said it was horrible. Randy thought it was wrong song choice, and Kara felt disconnected. Sadly, this kid is a prime candidate for leaving this round. A shame really, because I saw potential in him. Only hope for Anoop is that Jorge and Megan rank lower.

Adam "screamer" Lambert
-I call him screamer because that's all he ever seems to do. He started out ok, which surprised me as I was just expecting shrieking throughout. But true to form, in short order he was at it, screaming the time away. Why he is rated so highly I cannot understand. Paula expects to see him in the finale. Simon that it was in a different league. Basically all the judges thought he was great. And that's sad.

Matt Giraud This is the guy that I hope goes all the way. Probably unlikely at this point considering how the judges are leaning. But this guy is genuinely great. I'm glad the judges put him through after his failing to get make it in the top 3 of his group, due to a really poor song choice. At least all the judges gave him good remarks for his performance tonight. Well deserved.

Alexis The only reason I highlight this chick is because of the comments Kara gave her. First of all this girl sang Dirty Diana. It left me wondering if this girl might be a little bi, but after listening to it a second time, maybe she was more trying to project herself as Diana. Now things get interesting when Kara gave her feedback. Kara said she is a naughty girl (most likely detecting some bi vibes), but added that she likes that! There have been times on the show where Kara has come across as suspect (recall some of her times with Paula), and this only serves to confirm my suspicions. By the way, I don't think Alexia did such a good job with this song.

Before I close, I want to say a word about Allison, the Rocker girl. I do not fancy her singing at all. The judges gave her rave reviews though. It's important that we don't get led astray. So keep your head on when you listen to these judges.

A couple other items of note are:
1. Two get eliminated this round
2. There is supposedly some major change in the results show this round. My guess is that the judges will determine who leaves, if not for the 2 who are leaving, then for at least one of them.

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