Keep it Going For Matt!

Greetings folks. I haven't commented on the last couple weeks. This is because I took a break for the Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread.

Well a lot has happened, and I can't comment on everything here. Right now I just want to highlight the star, Matt Giraud. The judges made a fine decision to save him, and now he's made it into the top 5! But Matt fans must not let down their guard now. He's in danger of being overcome by inadequacy emotions, and the judges/producers have their agenda. We know the plan is to have Lambert, Gokey and Allison as the top 3. So don't let up in your support for your man Matt!

Now, speaking of Adam...have you noticed how he continues his screaming campaign? There was actually one week where he did well, but he's certainly the most overrated contestant this season. For the disco theme, what the hell was that? Sure he made it his own, but the problem is, it was no longer disco. What a joke!

Anyway, keep Matt up there, and American Idol might still be worth watching.

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