Top 10 and Top 9 commentary -mostly about Matt Giraud

I haven't been able to update this site much the last couple rounds, but there are some important things to note.

No one can deny that Matt Giraud did exceptionally well in the top 10 week. Yet they claimed he was in the bottom 2. This is absolute nonsense. For the past couple seasons I have been alerting you all to the game the producers appear to be playing. (See the Bottom 3 theory page). Sometimes they don't send the bottom vote getter home. Instead, they might choose the lowest ranked of the guys, or the girls. Also, who they place in the bottom 3 are not necessarily really in the bottom 3 either.

Mark my words! Matt was not truly in the bottom 2 in the top 10 week (Mo town theme week). He was placed there to keep the surprise element of the show going, and to add some drama, and I guess to also let you think that the judges just might use their option to save someone. We all know the judges won't save someone like Carver or Megan and we knew they wouldn't have saved any of the others who already left. But getting back to Matt...

The producers' playing around, has really messed Matt up. The poor guy did very badly last night, all because he was trying too hard. He thought he did well the previous week, but still ended up in the bottom 2 (supposedly), and so naturally he figured he needed to try something different. The truth is, he was just fine, and he didn't have to go messing around with his style. Now he will suffer for it. Not that I think he will go home this week, but he now has psychological issues to overcome. Shame on the producers.

But let's hope Matt can turn things around, and just get back on the winning path!

As to the performances, I'll make some comments about them in another post.

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